python for data science

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Wk 1: Data Science Process
What are the steps in the ds process,
What is the acquire step,
What are some different data sources
15  cards
Wk 2: Background in Python and Unix
Python tool for debugging online,
What is dynamic typing of variables,
Why does python allow for dynamic...
20  cards
SQL Joins
What is an inner join or just join,
What is a left join right,
What happens to fields that dont ...
5  cards
Py Lists (Datacamp + UCSD Wk 2)
Assign a value to a variable,
Print values,
Exponents in python
28  cards
DataCamp: Python Basics - Functions
Get the length of a string,
Get definition of a function,
What shows that an argument is op...
18  cards
Numpy (Wk 3 UCSD / DataCamp)
How does a numpy array differ fro...,
How do you create a numpy array,
What happens if you divide 2 np a...
27  cards
Python String Functions (UC-Wk 2)
String method to remove leading a...,
How to remove other leading or tr...,
Split out words that are separate...
8  cards
Tuples & Dictionaries (UCSD - Wk 2)
How do you pronounce tuple,
What is the difference between a ...,
Whats the difference in how you i...
32  cards
Jupyter Notebooks (US Wk 3)
How to open a jupyter notebook,
Reference the output of the last ...,
Keyboard shortcut to switch arrow...
11  cards
Git Bash Commands - UNIX like (Wk 3 UCSD)
What is the unix shell,
What is an abbreviation for a uni...,
Refer to parent dir
27  cards
Git Bash cmds - Unix like (Wk 2 UCSD)
Pipe the output of cat footxt to ...,
What is a filter command,
Count the number of files in a di...
11  cards
Pandas Pt 1 (Wk 4 UCSD)
What is pandas,
How to use the pandas library,
What is a series in pandas
31  cards
Pandas Pt 1 - Cont'd (UCSD)
Basic descriptive statistics func...,
Use axis to get statistical value...,
Check if any element in a datafra...
7  cards
Pandas Pt 2 (UCSD)
Replace all of the cells in a dat...,
Fill missing values with the last...,
Drop rows or columns with any nan...
14  cards
Pandas Pt 3 (UCSD)
How do you stack dataframes left ...,
How do you do an inner join on da...,
Whats another means of vertical s...
15  cards
Data Visualization (UCSD)
Difference between explorative an...,
Goals for data viz,
Plot a basic bar chart using colu...
14  cards

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