qantas cabin crew

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Inflight Emergencies: Dangerous Goods
What to do in flight if a dangerous goods related emergency occurs.
15  cards
Inflight Emergencies: Hijack
What happens in an attempted hijack,
What information should be noted ...,
What to do in the attempt of a hi...
11  cards
Inflight Emergencies: Cabin Crew Incapacitation
What do do when there is an abp g...,
Who briefs abp,
What is the most ideal door to gi...
3  cards
Inflight Emergencies: Security
What are the levels of the counte...,
At level 2 what methods are used ...,
At level 3 what methods are used ...
9  cards
Inflight Emergencies: Pilot Incapacitation
After an initial interphone call ...,
If after second call there is sti...,
Inside the fd what are the indica...
4  cards
Inflight Emergencies: Depressurisation
What can cabin pressure lose at a...,
What are the actions fc takes are...,
What can you see when depressuris...
26  cards
Inflight Emergencies: Fires
How are engine auxiliary power un...,
What parts of the aircraft design...,
Are all cabin crew and passenger ...
26  cards
Evacuation General
What are the types of aircraft em...,
What is the brace command,
When and by who is the brace comm...
8  cards
Ditching Emergency
What is the pa that initiates dit...,
When should ditching be initiated...,
What is the ditching impact drill
4  cards
Land Emergencies
Who initiates evacuation,
How do both fc and cc order evacu...,
What is the land impact drill
18  cards
Aviation Safety: Pre-course
What do australia registered ac c...,
What are the main area s of the ac,
What terms refer to close and fur...
54  cards
Emergency Equipment
When to check ee,
When to let the csm know informat...,
Crash axe check
40  cards
Standard Operating Procedures
What to do when sop are not being...,
What does the intial webcis sign ...,
What does csm briefing cover each...
71  cards
SOP Timeline
Takeoff timeline,
Anticipated turbulence,
Unanticipated turbulence
5  cards
Human Factors
What does grade stand for,
What are the three levels of situ...,
What are two types of decision ma...
17  cards
Emergency Equipment Condensed (Test 1)
Heat resistant gloves,
15kg bcf halon,
Essex ppe
23  cards
Human Factors (Practice Quiz)
The aim of human factors is to,
According to the reason swiss che...,
You arrive late to the aircraft a...
15  cards
Minimum crew while refueling,
How does the csm notify the fc th...,
What and where is the fap
13  cards
What is the ofar code,
What are the four things to check...,
What are the two steps to arm door
21  cards

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