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First human woman sculpted by hep...,
Magic spear gungin eight legged h...,
Odin s wife power of seeing the f...
86  cards
Literature Works
Professor bhaer pilgrims progress...,
Humbaba temple prostitute shamhat...,
Grendel longest poem in english h...
149  cards
Famous Authors/Poets/Playwrights
Wrote little women little men jos...,
Wrote things fall apart a man of ...,
Wrote cairo trilogy and children ...
144  cards
Famous People
Painted persistence of memory mel...,
Composer of carnival of the anima...,
Developed first polio vaccine but...
263  cards
Other Stuff
A thought experiment proposing ho...,
Supreme court case african americ...,
Supreme court case separate but e...
166  cards
Famous People 2
Butcher of uganda encouraged deat...,
Leader of libya from 1969 to 2011...,
Fought against british control of...
85  cards
Other Stuff 2
Meant to replace bullets with mon...,
Country whose cities include lagos,
Name this protein that forms micr...
81  cards
Literature Works 2
In a moment of defiance in this n...,
This character goes home from a b...,
When a guest is leaving in this s...
11  cards
Science Stuff
The first of these organisms to b...,
Pair production near the boundary...,
After a type ii supernova a star ...
17  cards
February 2021
Name this highly pessimistic scho...,
Florence nightingale developed a ...,
A thought experiment named for th...
126  cards
February Week 2
This storys narrator watches a dr...,
Beethovens phrase es muss sein is...,
The death of this novel s title c...
79  cards
This book praises free spirits wh...,
A great migration by these people...,
One of the most famous masses is ...
40  cards

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