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Decks in this class (11)

01. Cash investments & fixed‑interest securities
What risks apply to cash deposits 5,
What is default risk,
What is inflation risk
99  cards
02. Equities, property & alternative investments
Factors that affect share prices ...,
What factors affect share prices ...,
Primary market
127  cards
03. Economic environment
What 3 ways can economic activity...,
What is the business economic cycle,
How is gdp calculated
81  cards
04. Investment theory
What is modern portfolio theory mpt,
What is a key assumption in mpt,
What does standard deviation measure
48  cards
05. Time value of money
What is the formula for calculati...,
What is the formula for calculati...,
What is the formula for calculati...
10  cards
06. Risk
What is systematic aka market risk,
What is non systematic aka invest...,
What is systemic risk
17  cards
07. Indirect investments
Name 3 benefits of investing in c...,
Name 4 investment sector groups,
In general funds must invest at l...
64  cards
08. Other indirect investments
What are life assurance la invest...,
What are the 2 types of la invest...,
The insurance element on la polic...
54  cards
09. The investment advice process
Name the 5 stages of the investme...,
Name 6 key areas of a fact find
15  cards
10. The principles of investment planning
What is the theoretical approach ...,
Name 3 things under the theoretic...,
What is the pragmatic approach to...
20  cards
11. The performance of investments
What is the difference between pe...,
What is the holding period return...,
What are 2 things which the holdi...
19  cards

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