r02 - investment principals and risk

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Chapter 1 - Cash Investments And Fixed-interest Securities
And what are the main risks of ho...,
What is the maximum compensation ...,
What are the two types of restric...
30  cards
Chapter 2 - Equities, Property And Alternative Investments
What two factors 10 to influence ...,
Is a raise in interest rates like...,
To what extent is a preference sh...
22  cards
Chapter 3 - The macroeconomic environment and its impact on asset classes
Why should investors pay attentio...,
Why are international development...,
What are the four main phases of ...
17  cards
Chapter 4 – the merits and limitations of the main investment theories
What does standard deviation measure,
What does beta measure,
What type of risk can be eliminat...
13  cards
Chapter 5-investment principles and risk
A lump sum of 20 000 is invested ...,
Interest payable monthly at nomin...,
Which of the following film socie...
14  cards
Chapter 6 - Nature And Impact Of The Main Types Of Risk On Investment Performance
Is inflation usually a major cons...,
What are the main risks that an i...,
Explain the five different types ...
15  cards
Chapter 7-indirect investments-unit trusts, OEICS and investment trust companies
For an open ended investment comp...,
What percentage of securities fun...,
What must a unit trust to registe...
32  cards
Chapter 8-other indirect investments including life insurance-based products
Explain briefly what are you unde...,
Which bonds separate income and c...,
State the various with profit sav...
14  cards
Chapter 9 – Investment advice process
Why is three monthly volatility a...,
Why is it a good idea for investo...,
If a client is saving for retirem...
3  cards
Chapter 10 – the principles of investment planning
How can advise apply asset alloca...,
Why might a portfolio lying on th...,
Between which pair of us are clas...
5  cards
Chapter 11-the performance of investments
What is the money weighted rate o...,
What is the purpose of the money ...,
What does the sharpe ratio measure
12  cards
Interest yield,
Redemption yield,
Earnings per share
25  cards
Cards From Failed Questions
Do ns i bonds have a reinvestment...,
The difference between strategic ...,
How is property income taxed
134  cards

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r02 - investment principals and risk

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