r03 personal taxation 2023/24

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1 - Income Tax (A)
A Types of income
22  cards
1 - Income Tax (B & C)
B Deduction of tax C Total income and the amount on which tax is calculated
4  cards
1 - Income Tax (D)
D Interest payments
9  cards
1 - Income Tax (E)
E Charitable gifts
16  cards
1 - Income Tax (F)
F Pension payments
10  cards
1 - Income Tax (G)
G Taxation of employee benefits
38  cards
1 - Income Tax (H)
H Personal allowances
16  cards
1 - Income Tax (I)
I Calculating the income tax charge
4  cards
1 - Income Tax (J)
J Income tax and families
11  cards
1 - Income Tax (K)
K Student loans
6  cards
1 - Income Tax (L)
L Income tax and trusts
31  cards
1 - Income Tax (Self-Test Questions)
What are the main acts containing...,
Under what legislation are a self...,
To what date or dates may propert...
13  cards
2 - National Insurance Contributions (A & B)
A Classes of NICs and Directors B Employees – Class 1
56  cards
2 - National Insurance Contributions (C)
Self-Employed People – Classes 2 and 4
14  cards
2 - National Insurance Contributions (D, E & F)
D Annual Maximum Contributions E Voluntary Contributions – Class 3 F NIC Planning
10  cards
2 - National Insurance (Self-Test Questions)
Does an employee have to pay nati...,
What are the rates of employees nics,
What are the weekly primary contr...
12  cards
3 - Capital Gains Tax (A & B)
A Disposals B Disposal consideration and valuation
13  cards
3 - Capital Gains Tax (C)
C Assets subject to capital gains tax and exemptions
32  cards
3 - Capital Gains Tax (D)
D Calculation of the capital gain
13  cards
3 - Capital Gains Tax (E & F)
E Calculation of the tax and F Reliefs
35  cards
3 - Capital Gains Tax (G & H)
Disposals of shares or units in u...,
Why do disposals need to be ident...,
Which shares are included in the ...
18  cards
3 - Capital Gains Tax (I)
I Capital gains tax and trusts
21  cards
3 - Capital Gains Tax (Self-Test Questions)
What is the base date for cgt,
What is the broad definition of d...,
Can capital gains tax cgt on a sa...
15  cards
4 - Inheritance Tax (B)
B Lifetime transfers and transfers on death
57  cards
4 - Inheritance Tax (A)
A Basic principles of inheritance tax
29  cards
4 - Inheritance Tax (C)
C Reliefs
22  cards
4 - Inheritance Tax (D & E)
D Gifts with reservation E Pre-owned assets tax
26  cards
4 - Inheritance Tax (F & G)
F Valuation of the transfer G Liability to inheritance tax
17  cards
4 - Inheritance Tax (H)
Which finanical planning tool cou...,
If you make a gift into trust and...,
What is the main purpose of a lif...
35  cards
4 - Inheritance Tax (Self-Test Questions)
Self-test questions from study text
14  cards
Chapter 5 - Residence and Domicile
Describe the difference between r...,
What are the 3 parts to the statu...,
Under which 3 circumstances is so...
38  cards
6 - Self-Assessment and Tax Mitigation
What taxes are paid via self asse...,
Which type of people may use self...,
What is the high income child ben...
81  cards
7 - Stamp Duties
How is sdlt paid for and who pays it,
What is the effective date of the...,
What is the sdlt treatment for pr...
24  cards
8 - VAT and Corporation Tax (A)
A Value added tax (VAT)
49  cards
8 - VAT and Corporation Tax (B)
B Corporation tax
37  cards
9 - Direct Investments (A)
A Cash deposits and fixed-interest securities
27  cards
9 - Direct Investments (B)
B Shares
9  cards
9 - Direct Investments (C)
C Property
36  cards
10 - Indirect Investments (A & B)
A Tax wrappers B Registered pension schemes
25  cards
10 - Indirect Investments (C)
Define a protected or guaranteed ...,
Why are,
With a protected or guaranteed st...
8  cards
10 - Indirect Investments (D)
Isas are open ended investment pl...,
Isa managers must be hmrc approve...,
Isa investors can be non uk resid...
34  cards
10 - Indirect Investments (E & F)
If you buy units in a unit trust ...,
Which are open and closed ended 1...,
Are gains on the disposal of unit...
13  cards
10 - Indirect Investments (G)
G UK (onshore) life assurance policies
35  cards
10 - Indirect Investments (K)
27  cards
10 - Indirect Investments (L)
L Venture capital trusts
16  cards
11 - Tax in the Financial Affairs of Individuals and Trusts
Why might it be suitable to choos...,
Broadly what s the general tax pl...,
Promoters of tax avoidance scheme...
49  cards
Calculations Only
Income taxmichael a sole trader s...,
Priya makes a net charitable dona...,
Abdul is aged 20 and uses part of...
66  cards

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