racp written exam

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Which one of the following is a c...,
Granulocyte colony stimulating fa...,
Thrombopoietin tpo a is synthesis...
83  cards
Likelihood ratio negative,
Likelihood ratio positive,
Positive predictive value ppv
14  cards
Monoclonal Antibodies / Novel Therapy
40  cards
BPT Trial Exam Questions 1
Which of these agents will revers...,
A 35 year old woman presents with...,
3 months later the patient from t...
69  cards
BPT Trial Exam Questions 2
A 50 year old man is reviewed by ...,
A 76 year old lady presents to ed...,
A 79 year old male presents with ...
67  cards
Medical Oncology
Which of the following best descr...,
Which one of the following statem...,
Which one of the following is a g...
26  cards
Which of the following does not a...,
Acidic drugs such as phenytoin bi...,
Which of the following does not i...
26  cards
BPT Trial Exam Questions 3
A 32 year old man presents with 2...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
A 78 year old gentleman is found ...
85  cards
Which one of the following statem...,
Wilson disease has a frequency of...,
Which one of the following statem...
21  cards
Which of the follwoing cell types...,
Absorption of which of the follow...,
Which one of the following is tru...
64  cards
The pathogenesis of myasthenia gr...,
A 75 year old woman develops sudd...,
Partial epilepsy is most associat...
34  cards
Nephrotic syndrome is associated ...,
Glomerular diseases include a wid...,
About 30 40 of adult patients wit...
32  cards
BPT Trial Exam Questions 4
An 81 one year old gentleman is s...,
A 50 year old woman is recently d...,
A 25 year old man undergoes a ren...
67  cards
Formulas & Things to Remember
Half life pharm formula,
Steady state concentration formula,
Oral bioavailability formula
39  cards
The majority of carbon dioxide in...,
Which one of the following statem...,
The oxygen dissociation curve is ...
44  cards
Parathyroid hormone plays a centr...,
Which of the following hormones l...,
Diuretics can alter calcium homeo...
46  cards
Major histocompatibility complex ...,
Which one of the following option...,
Toll like receptors function in w...
23  cards
General & Geriatrics
Which of the following describes ...,
Which one of the following drugs ...,
What is the mechanism of action o...
33  cards
Statistics & Misc
In a study of 100 people with hyp...,
Range standard deviation and vari...,
Which one of the following defini...
14  cards
BPT Trial Exam Questions 5
A 70 year old man presents to the...,
Which of the following is a not a...,
A 60 year old gentleman is newly ...
67  cards
Cancer medications
24  cards
Anca pr3,
Anca mpo,
Anti ach receptor
38  cards

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