radiographic procedures and pathology. prep course 1

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What is best practice,
Realms of best practice,
What are clinical practise guidel...
10  cards
General Anatomy Module 2
Body cavities,
6 divisions of the abdomen,
The four types of body habitus
37  cards
Module 3 Thoracic Cavity
Openings of the thoracic cavity,
Sub divisions of the thoracic cavity,
Structures of the respiratory system
163  cards
Module 4 Abdomen
Ruq organs,
Luq organs,
Rlq organs
37  cards
Module 5 Upper EXTREMITY
8 carpal bones,
70  cards
Module 6 Lower Extremity
Foot bones and divisions,
Tarsal bones 7,
Foot articulations
90  cards
Module 8 Pelvis And Hips
Pelvic girdle,
A s i s,
A i i s
31  cards
Module 9 Vertebral Column
Vertebral column function,
Secondary vertebral curves,
Primary vertebral curves
65  cards
Module 10 Boney Thorax
0  cards
Module 10 Boney Thorax
Articulation of the bony thorax,
Ap projection ribs below diaphragm,
Ap or pa unilateral ibs projection
9  cards
Module 11 Skull
Anterior fontanel,
Posterior fontanel
81  cards
Patient Management
Maxillary sinuses,
Frontal sinuses,
Ethmoidal sinus
13  cards
Trrauma Radiography
Projection orded for initial trauma,
C spine dorsal decubitus cross ta...,
C spine dorsal decubitus cross ta...
15  cards
Digestive System
Accessory glands,
Alimentary canal,
65  cards
Urinary system,
Suprarenal glands,
62  cards
Module 17: Reproductive Radiography
Hysterosalpingogram hspgindications,
Hysterosalpingogram hspgindicatio...,
Hysterosalpingogram hspgindications
52  cards
CT Module 8
Houndsfield unit,
Window level,
Window width
133  cards
Interventional Radiology
Vertebroplasty kyphoplasty
1  cards

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radiographic procedures and pathology. prep course 1

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