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Unit 1 Intro Patient Care
First device that produced x rays,
Who discovered x rays when,
William coolidge
58  cards
Unit 1 Healthcare System & Radiography Profession
Fee for service,
Preventative healthcare,
22  cards
Unit 1 Professional Roles & Behaviors
Empathetic care,
Personal morality is based on
29  cards
Unit 1 Communication
Examples of cultural groups one m...,
Culturally significant attitudes ...,
Nonverbal communication
24  cards
Unit 2 Infection Control
Cycle of infection,
Microorganisms capable of causing...,
Reservoir of infection
85  cards
Unit 2 Safety, Body Mechanics, Patient Transfer
Most hospital fires are caused by,
Be prepared of fires,
In case of fire race and pass
28  cards
Unit 2 Patient Assessment and Monitoring
Essential skills of patient asses...,
Taking a history and it s elements
45  cards
Unit 3 Patient Needs And Acute Situations
Npo means,
Ambulatory patient means,
Foley catheter should remain abov...
27  cards
Unit 3 Medications
Radiographer s responsibility for...,
Chemical name,
Generic name
37  cards
Unit 4 Contrast Media + GI, Urinary, Biliary Exams
Contrast media visualizes,
Positive contrast medias and how ...,
Negative contrast media and how t...
23  cards
Unit 4 Portable And Specialty Equipment
Icu intensive care unit,
Nicu neonatal intensive care unit,
Pacu post anesthesia care unit ak...
18  cards
Unit 4 Medical Abbreviations
Accepted abbreviations,
Accepted abbreviations continued,
Do not use the following abbrevia...
6  cards
Extra Important Information
Respondeat superior let the maste...,
The doctrine of res ipsa loquitur,
82  cards

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