ranzcog 2024 - antenatal

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Prenatal screening and diagnosis
Discuss identification of structu...,
Discuss genetic carrier screening...,
Discuss an approach for genetic c...
33  cards
General Antenatal
Discuss folic acid timing to take...,
Discuss supplementation with iodi...,
Discuss vitamin d supplementation...
34  cards
Fetal anomalies
What are the soft markers for ane...,
Discuss trisomy 21 incidence age ...,
Discuss trisomy 21 screening diag...
56  cards
Growth, Liquor, Dopplers
Discuss uterine artery dopplers w...,
Discuss the pathophysiology of ut...,
Discuss umbilical artery dopplers...
48  cards
How effective is prophylactic ant...,
What are the antibodies involved ...
10  cards
Discuss hypertension in pregnancy...,
Discuss chronic htn noted in preg...,
Discuss htn in pregnancy definiti...
23  cards
Discuss breech presentation incid...,
Discuss management of breech babi...,
Discuss vaginal breech deliveries...
20  cards
Multiple pregnancy
Discuss twin pregnancies incidenc...,
Discuss multiple pregnancies what...,
Discuss dizygotic twins incidence...
35  cards
Infection in pregnancy
Discuss cmv in pregnancy incidenc...,
Discuss cmv in pregnancy screenin...,
Discuss management of cmv1 treatm...
52  cards
Perinatal Loss
Discuss perinatal loss incidence ...,
Discuss risk factors for perinata...,
Discuss perinatal loss most commo...
29  cards
Placental issues
Describe the types of cord insert...,
Discuss fetomaternal haemorrhage ...,
Discuss limitations of the kleiha...
39  cards
Preterm birth
Discuss fetal fibronectin what is...,
Discuss actim partus test for ptl...,
Discuss partosure to test for ptl...
59  cards

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ranzcog 2024 - antenatal

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