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Real Estate National
D deed restriction,
D covenants conditions and restri...,
How do subdivision developers use...
231  cards
Real Estate national CH7
Depending on the jurisdiction in ...,
D constructive notice,
D actual notice
43  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 8
D brokerage,
D real estate broker,
D real estate salesperson
29  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 9
D agent,
D principal,
D agency
61  cards
Real Estate national exam ch 10
D listing agreement,
D exclusive right to sell listing,
What are the types of listing agr...
26  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 11
D contract,
D express contract,
D implied contract
41  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 12
The decision to buy or to rent a ...,
D piti,
D credit score
72  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 13
D discount rate,
D prime rate,
D primary mortgage market
72  cards
Real Estate National Exam Ch 14
Two major events involved in closing,
D final inspection,
D survey
44  cards
Real Estate National Exam Ch 15
D lien,
D encumbrance,
D voluntary lien
58  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 16
D appraisal,
D appraisal report,
D appraiser
79  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 17
D lease,
D lessor,
D reversionary rights
53  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 18
Explain the civil rights act of 1866,
Explain plessy vs ferguson,
Explain executive order 8802
49  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 19
What are the 3 responsibilities o...,
What are the areas that property ...,
What are the better known associa...
38  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 20
D enabling acts,
D comprehensive plan,
What are the systematic planning ...
50  cards
Real Estate National Test Ch 21
D asbestos,
D encapsulation,
D lead
47  cards
Real Estate National Test Questions
On january 1 george paid the 2 34...,
Rights or privileges that are con...,
A home mortgage loan closed on ju...
40  cards
Ky Real State Test Ch 1
True or false why if falsethe kre...,
True or false why if falsethe ken...,
True or false why if falsethe ken...
86  cards
Ky Real Estate Test Ch 1 part 2
Explain how krs 324281 was amende...,
How much are commissinoners paid,
What does arello stands for
75  cards
Ky Real Estate Test Ch 1 Quiz questions
True or false whya commissioner m...,
True or false whyall krec commiss...,
True or falsefees and fines paid ...
77  cards
Ky Real Estate Test Ch 2
D academic credit hour,
D accredited college university i...,
D administrative agency
84  cards
Ky Real Estate Test Ch 2 part 2
No one can practice real estate b...,
D regular employee,
D power of attorney
116  cards
Ky Real Estate Test Ch 2 part 3
Once property is listeda the sale...,
All brokerage ads must containa p...,
The license law requires written ...
63  cards
Ky Real Estate Test Ch 3 part 1
D blockbusting,
D closing,
D closing statement
122  cards
Real Estate Ky Test Ch 4 part 1
What are the required provisions ...,
The listing contract creates ____...,
What are the 3 types of listings
109  cards
Ky Real Estate Exam Ch 5 Part 1
D adequate supervision,
D agency consent agreement form,
D business relationship
123  cards
Ky Real Estate Test Ch 6
D auction,
D builder s warranty,
D court supervised foreclosure
35  cards
Ky Real Estate Course Final Exam Questions and Deffinations
D attachment,
An attachment is a a judgementb a...,
What is the maximum that the real...
49  cards
Real Estate Math questions
A broker was paid 6 commission on...,
Calder s construction company bui...,
Joe s duplex has depreciated 3 pe...
41  cards
KY State Pratice Questions
A contractor in kentucky would co...,
An attachment is,
A seller states that the minimum ...
191  cards

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