registered communications distribution designer(rcdd)

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Topic 1, Principles of Transmission
If the input signal power to a co...,
The signal at the input to a bala...,
A sonet oc 1 channel can carry 67...
20  cards
Topic 2, Electromagnetic Compatibility
You are placing category 6 unshie...,
You have discovered a common mode...,
What is the recommended minimum s...
12  cards
Topic 3, ITS Cables and Connecting Hardware
If looking to specify an optical ...,
What type of optical fiber is use...,
What is the insertion loss guidel...
16  cards
Topic 4, Work Areas
A furniture cluster with 26 requi...,
Which of the following is not an ...,
On a project with three small con...
13  cards
Topic 5, Horizontal Distribution Systems
The standard floor space coverage...,
The standard floor space coverage...,
You are designing a horizontal di...
16  cards
Topic 6, Backbone Distribution Systems
You have been asked to project ma...,
Multimode optical fiber is genera...,
When designing a backbone distrib...
25  cards
Topic 7, Telecommunications Spaces
The minimum recommended lighting ...,
In addition to voice and data ser...,
If the usable floor space is unkn...
21  cards
Topic 8, Firestopping
Firestop ________ in conjunction ...,
Which of the following is a nonme...,
What type of material does not su...
13  cards
Topic 9, Bonding and Grounding (Earthing)
As a guide the maximum recommende...,
Surge currents due to lightning a...,
The impedance of the equipment gr...
14  cards
Topic 10, Power Distribution
Which of the following electrical...,
You have been asked to provide a ...,
A rapid increase in voltage with ...
18  cards
Topic 11, Telecommunications Administration
In an industry where a high level...,
Color codes for cross connections...,
Color codes for cross connection ...
11  cards
Topic 12, Field Testing
What is the worst case acceptance...,
You are preparing to test newly i...,
Premises optical fiber links shou...
6  cards
Topic 13, Design, Construction, and Project Management
Which of the following does not d...,
A scope of work should contain al...,
All of the following are consider...
17  cards
Topic 14, Private CATV Distribution Systems
A building has six floors plus a ...,
The headend has several audio vid...,
You are designing a building with...
13  cards
Topic 15, Distributed Paging Systems
What is the recommended distance ...,
A space has all hard surfaces inc...,
What are the three typical voltag...
12  cards
Topic 16, Building Automation Systems
Within a commercial office buildi...,
Which of the following protocols ...,
What type of facility requires a ...
8  cards
Topic 17, Data Network Design
What type of address is 00 a1 c3 ...,
Which layer of the osi model cove...,
Mac addresses are _____________ b...
19  cards
Topic 18, Wireless
Which active das component is res...,
When trying to control radio sign...,
Omnidirectional antennas broadcas...
23  cards
Topic 19, Electronic Safety and Security
You are designing an audible alar...,
What is the most important aspect...,
Given the following values calcul...
11  cards
Topic 20, Outside Plant
What warning tape color has the c...,
Buildings larger than ________ mu...,
What is the minimum vertical sepa...
24  cards
Topic 21, Data Centers
What type of redundancy provides ...,
You are designing a cabling conta...,
What does ansi tia 942 recommend ...
13  cards
Topic 22, Health Care
Which of the following is an alar...,
The ________ system is an applica...,
Which of the following is used to...
8  cards
Topic 23, Special Design Considerations
A pay telephone using coins needs...,
Coupling with electrical circuits...,
What is the air change requiremen...
12  cards
Topic 24, Residential Cabling
You have just finished a design c...,
You are designing distribution fo...,
You are designing a multi story d...
6  cards

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