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The Trinity
What are the three core beliefs o...,
What is the trinity,
What three ways has god revealed ...
10  cards
Doctrine Of The Trinity
What is ecumenical,
What does excommunicate mean,
What is a heresy
33  cards
What is a quote from genesis that...,
What is a quote from genesis that...,
What is a quote from genesis that...
10  cards
The Incarnation
What is incarnation,
What shows us that jesus is fully...,
What shows that jesus is fully human
8  cards
The Paschal Mystery
What is agape,
What is the paschal mystery,
What are the four part of the pas...
14  cards
What is immanence when is it disp...,
What is transcendence when is it ...,
What is eschatology
16  cards
What is a sacrament,
What is the sacramental nature of...,
What are the two parts of sacraments
70  cards
What is prayer,
What does the church believe is t...,
What is active prayer
18  cards
What is piety,
What are four examples of piety,
What is the nature of the rosary
10  cards
What is a pilgrimage,
What are three examples of pilgri...,
What is walstingham
21  cards
Trinity bible quote,
Trinity catechism quote,
Example of trinity in bible quote
14  cards
Funeral Rite
What is the vigil,
What is the funeral rite requiem,
What is the committal
3  cards
Catholic Social Teachings
What are the seven catholic socia...,
What is cst based off of,
Which specific parable is cst bas...
14  cards
Catholic Mission And Evangelism
What is the difference between a ...,
What are four points in history o...,
What is proselytising
20  cards
Sources Of Wisdom And Authority
What s the difference between cat...
1  cards
The Magisterium
What is the hierarchy,
What is the laity,
What is the clergy
20  cards
The Second Vatican Council
What are the three main changes t...,
What are the four main constituti...,
What does liturgy mean
14  cards
Church As The Body Of Christ
Church as the body of christ as _...,
Church as the body of christ __ a...,
When do we become part of the bod...
20  cards
Forms Of Expression And Ways Of Life
What is the purpose of church arc...,
The ccc refers to the church as a...,
Give the four purposes of churches
44  cards

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