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1 - Male Reproductive System
Label this diagram of the testis,
What are the following pouches re...,
What is the origin of the testicu...
43  cards
2 - Female Reproductive System
Label the parts of the female rep...,
What is the blood supply to the f...,
Why are nuns more likely to get o...
40  cards
3 - Embryology of the Reproductive System
What are the steps to making a re...,
What is the gonads embryological ...,
Why might you end up with a terat...
22  cards
4 - Pelvic Floor
What are the ligaments supporting...,
What is the clinical importance o...,
Label the following structures of...
37  cards
5 - Gametogenesis
How is genetic variation ensured,
What are the differents between,
What is spermatogenesis and where...
23  cards
6 - Puberty and the HPG Axis
What is puberty,
What factors affect the start of ...,
How do you assess what level of p...
28  cards
7 - Menstrual Cycle
What are the two cycles that make...,
What is the difference in the neg...,
Why is gnrh being released in a p...
22  cards
8 - Menstrual Disorders
What is amennorhea,
What are some causes of primary a...,
What is the most common cause of ...
25  cards
9 - Menopause
What is the definition of menopause,
What is the average age of menopause,
What are the stages of menopause
27  cards
10 - Sexual Function and Fertilisation
What are the reactions that occur...,
Where does the sperm start to mat...,
What is the function of semen
22  cards
11 - STIs
What are some risk factors of con...,
What are some infections that can...,
How are most stis diagnosed
36  cards
12 - Contraception
What part of the gonad differenti...,
Where do primordial germ cells mi...,
32  cards
13 - Infertility
What is the definition of subfert...,
If couples try to concieve for th...,
What are some causes of subfertil...
19  cards
14 - Placenta
What day does implanation occur a...,
What are some problems with invas...,
When does the placenta develop an...
19  cards
15 - Maternal Physiology
In general what are the physiolog...,
When are hcg at their highest,
What are the immunological change...
29  cards
16 - Fetal Physiology
The mother has physiological resp...,
Why is there a double bohr effect...,
How does co2 transfer across the ...
14  cards
17 - Fetal Growth and Development
What is the fetal period,
What is crown rump length,
In the different periods of embry...
23  cards
18 - Physiological Labour
At what week gestation can expuls...,
What are the three stages of labour,
How do we decide how we are going...
29  cards
19 - Post Partum Period
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is the definition of the pos...,
What medical input does a new mot...
24  cards
20 - Imaging of the Reproductive Tract
What are the imaging techniques o...,
What are the two different types ...,
What can be seen on this mri
18  cards
21 - Malignancy of the Reproductive Tract
What are most vulval cancers and ...,
How does vulval cancer spread and...,
What is the transformation zone o...
44  cards

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