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Session 1: The Male Reproductive System
Where can the testes be found,
Optimum temperature for spermatog...,
Blood supply of testes
69  cards
Session 1: Diagrams
17  cards
Session 1: Case Studies
List some common causes of scrota...,
Why does a lump in the testis of ...,
In very general terms how might y...
17  cards
Session 2: Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System
Venous drainage of the right ovary,
Venous drainage of the left ovary,
Venous drainage of the uterus
43  cards
Session 2: Development of the Reproductive Tracts
From which of the three germ laye...,
Embryonic folding gives rise to t...,
What does the hindgut give rise to
30  cards
Session 2: Case Studies
Explain how infection may spread ...,
What may be the consequence of in...,
A 25 year old woman presents with...
15  cards
Session 2: Diagrams
17  cards
Session 3: Pelvic Floor Anatomy
Give functions of the pelvic floor,
Which are the main pelvic organs ...,
There are three levels of support...
48  cards
Session 3: Gametogenesis
After colonishing the gonad what ...,
How does genetic variation occur,
Differences between gametogenesis...
32  cards
Session 3: Diagrams
14  cards
Session 4: Puberty
Define primary sexual characteris...,
Define secondary sexual character...,
Explain the sequence of events of...
41  cards
Session 4: The Menstrual Cycle
Why is gametogenesis periodical i...,
What is the fundamental differenc...,
How long does a typical menstrual...
32  cards
Session 4: Case Studies
What is the normal route of the t...,
Why does maldescent of the testes...,
17  cards
Session 5: Menstrual Disorders
Define amenorrhoea,
What can amenorrhoea be divided into,
Define primary amenorrhoea
48  cards
Session 5: Menopause
Define menopause,
Menopause is a phase but it can b...,
Explain peri menopause
39  cards
Session 5: Group Work
Usual age range of thelarche in w...,
Usualy age range of adrenarche in...,
Usual age range of growth spurt i...
16  cards
Session 6: Human Sexual Response
Phases of human sexual response f...,
Explain the psychogenic stimuli o...
24  cards
Session 6: Group Work
Average length of menstrual cycle,
Describe the levels and the effec...,
Describe the levels and the effec...
21  cards
Session 7: Introduction to Contraception and Infertility
What is contraception,
Broadly give ways contraception work,
Give examples of methods of natur...
37  cards
Session 7: Group Work
Colin aged 19 presents to you som...,
What possible infections will you...,
You refer him to the local genito...
26  cards
Session 8: The Placenta
When does implantation occur,
What cells interact with what to ...,
Trophoblasts are two types of cel...
63  cards
Session 8: Maternal Physiological Adaptations in Pregnancy
Give examples of broad physiologi...,
What is the general driving force...,
Why fat laid down in first half o...
50  cards
Session 9: Fetal Physiology
Progesterones effect on ventilation,
Respiratory alkalosis in the moth...,
Why is progesterone driven hyperv...
33  cards
Session 9: Fetal Growth & Development
Define fetal period,
Explain what crown rump length is,
Why is crown rump length useful
46  cards
Session 10: Labour and Delivery
What is labour,
If pregnancy ends before 24 weeks...,
What is labour called that happen...
50  cards
Session 10: The Post-Partum Period
Definition of post partum period,
What happens during the post part...,
How is a new mother looked after
45  cards
Session 10: Group Work
Give factors that may restrict fe...,
Names some uss measurements that ...,
What is asymmetrical growth restr...
31  cards
Session 11: Imaging & Tumours of the Reproductive Tracts
Most common modes of imaging of t...,
What types of ultrasound is used ...,
Why is ct scans not used commonly...
7  cards
Session 11: Tumours of the Reproductive Tracts NOT FINISHED
Where might you find tumours in t...,
What is a tumour,
What is a neoplasm
92  cards
Matt and Biceps
Whos got a shit lid
1  cards
Session 11: Group Work
Which area of the cervix is targe...,
The high risk types of hpv produc...,
Why do you think immunosuppressio...
22  cards

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