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Chapter 9: Quantitative Research Basics
_____ is a systematic and princip...,
Why is it important to do researc...,
Why is research important for ot ...
52  cards
Chapter 20: Qualitative Research Basics
This type of qualitative research...,
This type of qualitative research...,
This type of qualitative research...
11  cards
Ch 27 & 5: Librarian Powerpoint/Literature Review
4 steps in the search process for...,
Select the question that is not p...,
T fit is helpful to remember duri...
14  cards
Ch. 4: Research Problems, Research Questions, and Hypothesis
Sources of research problems 6,
What is a research problem,
T or f
30  cards
Ch 7: Ethics
In response to human rights viola...,
What is the code of ethics in the...,
What are the three broad principl...
20  cards
P&B Chapter 10: Rigor and Validity in Quant. Research
Extent to which appropriate infer...,
Reasons that an inference could b...,
Validity of inferences that there...
25  cards
P&B Chapter 13: Data Collection in Quant Research
Which type of quantitative data c...,
List 2 ways to complete interviews,
List 2 structured self reports
30  cards
P&B Chapter 14: Measurement and Data Quality
True score error,
What measurement error is describ...,
What measurement error is describ...
30  cards
P&B Chapter 12: Quant Research: Sampling, Data Collection, Measurement and Data Quality
2 key considerations of represent...
32  cards
Chapter 16: DESCRIPTIVE Stats
Statistics allows you to _______ ...,
2 ways stats are used,
What kind of stats make generaliz...
48  cards
Chapter 17: INFERENTIAL stats
What tells us that the alternativ...,
As a researcher you are always se...,
2 other types of hypotheses
15  cards
Chapter 3: Key Concepts and Steps in Research
In a qualitative study are the pe...,
In a quantitative study are the p...,
True or false in both qualitative...
57  cards
Data Analysis in Quant Research: Understanding Stats PART 2
Which type of analyses one dv and...,
Which type of analyses one dv and...,
Which type of analyses one dv and...
28  cards
Jeopardy Questions
The sum on individual scores divi...,
Using interval and ratio scaled d...,
It compares the mean of one group...
24  cards
QUIZ 3: Chapter 21 Qualitative Sampling
Which is not a feature of qualita...,
Name the type of sampling volunte...,
Name the type of sampling also us...
15  cards
QUIZ 3: Chapter 25 Mixed Methods
5 rationales for mixed methods,
Which rationale pie cc for mixed ...,
Which rationale pie cc for mixed ...
37  cards
QUIZ 3: Chapter 26 Developing Interventions Using MM
3 phases of phases of interventio...,
T fin the first phase of interven...,
Phase 1 intervention developmentw...
10  cards
QUIZ 3: Chapter 27 Systematic Reviews of Research Evidence
What type of review does this des...,
True or false systematic reviews ...,
Is a systematic review of evidenc...
20  cards
QUIZ 3: Chapter 22 Data Collection in Qual Research
6 types of self reports used in q...,
Name the type of self report 2 or...,
Name the type of self report ofte...
18  cards
QUIZ 3: Chapter 23 Qual Data Analysis
Name the 4 ways to analyze qualit...,
Which analysis is described conve...,
Which analysis is described verba...
7  cards

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