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Respiratory intro
Two portions of the respiratory t...,
Conducting portion,
Respiratory portion
43  cards
Lung ventilation and mechanics - clinical
What is copd,
Problem with diagnosing copd,
What two things often coexist in ...
43  cards
Gas exchange
Kinetic theory of gas,
Ideal gas equation,
What is total pressure of mixed g...
35  cards
Oxygen in blood
Why do we need hb to transport o2,
What is haemoglobin known as,
What does o2 combine with
38  cards
Resp system anatomy
From what does the respiratory sy...,
What orientation is the nasal cavity,
Function of nasal cavity
71  cards
CO2 and pH balance
Major source of co2,
What is the paco2 dependent on,
3 forms of co2
46  cards
Chemical control of breathing
How is breathing controlled,
What are the centres in the brain...,
What is the purpose of ventilation
39  cards
Neural control of breathing
What is responsible for automatic...,
Inputs to respiratory pattern gen...,
Output of rpg
11  cards
Pulmonary Embolism
What is an embolism,
Types of embolism,
What is a venous thromboembolism
54  cards
Respiratory failure
What is respiratory failure,
Type 1 respiratory failure,
Type 2 respiratory failure
60  cards
What is the pleural space,
Which direction does air move whi...,
What happens during inspiration
50  cards
What is asthma,
Two parts of asthma disease,
Describe airway in severe asthma
41  cards
COPD and Bronchiectasis
What is copd,
Two parts pathophysiology of disease,
What happens in small airway dise...
73  cards
Lung function tests
Contraindications for spirometry,
When are pulmonary function tests...,
What do pulmonary function tests ...
51  cards
Lower respiratory tract infections
Common microbiota of the respirat...,
Less common microbiota of the res...,
Rarer 2 microbiota of the resp tract
81  cards
Interpreting CXR
What to do always first when seei...,
How to see if cxr is sufficient a...,
Abcde approach
12  cards
Who does tb typically affect,
Age group with highest tb prevale...,
What microbe causes tb
73  cards
Lung cancer
Main risk factor for lung cancer,
How is lung cancer diagnosed,
What is imaging used for in lung ...
66  cards
Clinical signs and symptoms of respiratory disease
What are the different parts of t...,
Diseases involving the airway,
Diseases affecting the lung paren...
56  cards
Radiology part 2
Check this website for the images...,
What projection are all trauma cxr,
What makes up the right and left ...
35  cards
Proportion of current uk smokers,
How many deaths from covid 19 in ...,
What is the biggest cause of mort...
23  cards

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