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SE Linux
0  cards
Chapter 1,2 - Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Using Essential Tools
What is linux,
What are the two free alternative...,
What is a repository
29  cards
Chapter 3 - Essential File Management Tools
What defines the layout of the li...,
What does boot contain,
What does dev contain
40  cards
Chapter 4 - Working with Text Files
Which command to use on a text fi...,
Which command to use on a text fi...,
Which option on tail or head comm...
14  cards
Chapter 5 - Connecting to Redhat Enterprise Linux
What is a terminal,
What is a console,
What is the difference between a ...
31  cards
Chapter 6 - User and Group Management
Which command to use to get infor...,
What are the various ways to run ...,
What is the difference between su...
40  cards
Chapter 7 - Permission Management
Who are the different owners for ...,
Who owns the file in terms of use...,
Which command can be used to chec...
35  cards
Chapter 8 - Configuring Networks
What are the two types of ip addr...,
What is an ipv4 address,
What is an ipv6 address
40  cards
Chapter 9 - Managing Software
What utility is used to manage so...,
How does a repository help to kee...,
After getting a valid subscriptio...
49  cards
Chapter 10 - Managing Processes
What are the three different proc...,
What is the shell job process type,
What is the other name for shell ...
44  cards
Chapter 11 - Working with Systemd
What is systemd in rhel8,
What is a service,
Systemd is used to start units wh...
9  cards
Chapter 12 - Scheduling Tasks
What is cron service,
What does crond or the cron daemo...,
What are the two components of cron
11  cards
Chapter 13 - Configuring Logging
What are the 3 different approach...,
What is rsyslogd,
Which daemon implements the journald
14  cards
Chapter 14 - Managing Storage
What is mbr,
What is the boot procedure,
What is the default sector size
25  cards
Chapter 15 - Managing Advanced Storage
What is an important advantage of...,
What is another advantage of lvm ...,
What is a snapshot in lvm
21  cards
Chapter 16 - Basic Kernel Management
What is linux kernel,
What are kernel threads,
What are the tools provided by li...
6  cards
Chapter 17 - Managing and Understanding the boot procedure
What are systemd targets,
What are the 4 systemd targets th...
2  cards

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