rwd op 1st 6 months

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Electricity 1
When amber was rubbed with other ...,
Benjamin franklin called the attr...,
Electricity is produced by ______...
39  cards
Electricity 2
An electric circuit consists of _...,
A ______ is any device that uses ...,
Emf is measured in _____
36  cards
Electricity 3
Ac is ______ compared to dc,
Most of the power loss over great...,
P i2r
29  cards
Electricity 4 of 7
The term phase angle is used to d...,
In a purely _________ circuit the...,
In a purely ____________ circuit ...
57  cards
Electricity 5 Of 7
What are the four basic meters,
Can a current meter be calibrated...,
When current flows through a wire...
34  cards
Electricity 6 Of 7
The battery is the most important...,
The battery is used mostly wherev...,
The battery is also used as a ___...
44  cards
Electricity 7 Of 7
Faraday used oersted s discovery ...,
What is the left hand rule,
What is the right hand rule for m...
38  cards
Using Math
The place value of a digit depend...,
Carrying in addition is the oppos...,
A number is an _________ and a nu...
13  cards
Electricity Formulas and definitions.
What are the three basic ohms laws,
Ohms law states that,
Name the three rules of a series ...
15  cards
Why are symbols used in circuit d...,
Circuit diagrams are drawings tha...,
What is a one line diagram
10  cards
The resistance of a conductor dep...,
The potential difference or volta...,
What is an electric circuit
8  cards
Describe flux density think measu...,
The strength of the magnetic fiel...,
What produces the strongest artif...
27  cards
What is capacitance,
What is inductance,
What are the units of capacitance
24  cards
What best defines a cycle,
How many times larger is the max ...,
What is another name for effectiv...
34  cards
Why are delta wye connections des...,
When can 3 phase power still be c...,
In which connection does line vol...
36  cards
Control bus batteries are used to...,
What are the most important funct...,
What is the basic unit of a battery
12  cards

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