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S1) Safe Prescribing and Medication Errors
What are the three types of probl...,
Describe two patient related prob...,
Describe three pharmaceutical pro...
8  cards
S1) Developing Medicines and Clinical Trials
Identify the different stages in ...,
Describe what is involved in the ...,
Describe what is involved in the ...
58  cards
S2) Pharmacokinetics
What is pharmacokinetics,
What is pharmacodynamics,
What is pharmacogenetics
63  cards
S2) Pharmacodynamics, Drug Interactions and Toxicology
What is pharmacokinetics,
What is pharmacodynamics,
What is pharmacogenetics
38  cards
S3) Cardiac Arrhythmias
What is an arrhythmia,
Describe the movement of ions in ...,
Describe the effect of drugs bloc...
68  cards
S3) Lipid and Cholesterol Metabolism
Describe the four pro atherogenic...,
What are the indications for statins,
Describe the three ways in which ...
39  cards
S4) Diuretics & Renal Pharmacology
What are the four broad functions...,
What are the three regulatory fun...,
What does the kidney excrete
47  cards
S4) Hypertension and Heart Failure
What is the 1st line pharmacologi...,
Which drug would one prescribe fo...,
Describe the action of ace inhibi...
42  cards
S5) Diabetes
Describe four different functions...,
Identify the five different types...,
How is insulin absorbed and admin...
47  cards
S5) Sex Hormones
Identify three drug groups of con...,
What are the major effects of oes...,
What are the major effects of pro...
42  cards
S6) Reviews of Evidence
Literature reviews of studies are...,
Systematic reviews involve a clea...,
What is a systematic review
22  cards
S7) Cancer Chemotherapy
What is the aim of chemotherapy,
What is the role of chemotherapy,
When is chemotherapy usually given
61  cards
S7) Introduction to Anaesthetics
Outline the different types of an...,
What is conscious sedation,
In 7 steps describe the process o...
34  cards
What is the principal action of n...,
What are the three primary therap...,
Why do nsaids commonly have short...
68  cards
S8) Rheumatology and Immunosuppressants
Identify some diseases rheumatolo...,
Briefly illustrate the pathogenes...,
State 7 different possible ways o...
51  cards
S9) Antiviral Agents
Identify and describe four agents...,
What is the limitation of virucides,
What are the six steps in viral r...
25  cards
S9) Antimicrobial Agents
What is an antibacterial drug,
What is an antibiotic,
What is the unique property of an...
38  cards
S10) Anti-Coagulant and Anti-Platelet Therapy
What is warfarins mechanism of ac...,
How is warfarin administered,
Briefly describe the pharmacokine...
56  cards
S10) Concepts of Causality
What are the three aspects of hen...,
What does it mean when a cause is...,
What does it mean when a cause is...
24  cards
S11) Drugs Affecting Acid Secretion
What are the defensive factors fo...,
Which factors aggravate gastric m...,
What are the stimulatory receptor...
35  cards
S11) Pharmacology of Airway Control
Describe the autonomic innervatio...,
What does asthma control mean,
Outline the stepwise treatment ap...
48  cards
S12) Anti-epileptic Drugs
What is a seizure,
What other conditions can present...,
What is epilepsy
45  cards
S12) Neuropharmacology
Identify four clinical features o...,
What are some added features of p...,
What are the non motor manifestat...
63  cards
S13) Psychopharmacology
What causes depression,
How does depression present,
How does one diagnose determine t...
31  cards
S14) Clinical Influences on Prescribing
How might one classify poisoning,
Identify five common uk poisons,
How does an overdosed patient pre...
17  cards
S15) Pharmacovigilance
What is pharmacovigilance,
What are the aims of pharmacovigi...,
What are the two types of adrs
21  cards
S15) Pharmacogenetics
What is pharmacogenetics,
What is pharmacogenomics,
What are the potential risk facto...
15  cards
S15) Steroid Pharmacology
Identify the different layers of ...,
Identify some different types of ...,
Outline the hpa axis
26  cards
Clinical Conditions
What is neuroleptic malignant syn...,
What is serotonin syndrome,
What is a seizure
8  cards
drug of the day
34  cards
S8) Rheumatology and Immunosuppressants COPY
Identify some diseases rheumatolo...,
Briefly illustrate the pathogenes...,
State 7 different possible ways o...
49  cards
What is the principal action of n...,
What are the three primary therap...,
Why do nsaids commonly have short...
67  cards
19 - Antiemetics
What are the physiological steps ...,
What are the inputs on the chemor...,
How can we stop nausea and vomiting
47  cards
25 - Poisoning and STOPP START
What is pharmacological toxicity,
Give some examples of how the fol...,
What are some of the pharmacologi...
23  cards
14 - Opioids
What is the difference between pa...,
How do we feel pain in general terms,
How can we modulate pain
38  cards
Common Drug interactions
Warfarin with naproxen,
Phenytoin with desogestrel,
Clarithromycin with simvastatin
14  cards

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