sc cosmotology state board milady

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Chapter 6: Anatomy and physiology
To pass the test!
102  cards
Chapter 19: wigs and hair additions
The fastest way to determine whet...,
What is a big disadvantage of syn...,
When performing a haircutting pro...
24  cards
Braiding and braid extensions
True or false framing the face wi...,
True or false an elongated face i...,
What kind of brush is recommended...
34  cards
Chapter 17- hairstyling
The first step in the hairstyling...,
Shaping and directing the hair in...,
And creating a horizontal finger ...
55  cards
Chapter 14 Hair Design
Wave pattern changes can be creat...,
For a client with a gold skin ton...,
In designing for clients with lar...
19  cards
Chapter 15: Scalp care, shampooing , and conditioning
What is the primary purpose of a ...,
Which of the following is classif...,
Small amounts of chlorine can be ...
33  cards
Chapter 20-Chem Services
The chemical texture service that...,
The layer of the hair that provid...,
The natural ph of hair is
64  cards
Chapter 8 Skin Disorders And Diseases
What percent approximately of ski...,
What is the recommended strength ...,
What is an abnormal rounded solid...
30  cards
Chapter 9 Nail Structure And Growth
A normal healthy nail is,
The portion of the living skin on...,
The whitish half moon shape at th...
25  cards
Chapter 5 Infection Control
Cocci are bacteria that are what ...,
Which type of bacteria can cause ...,
Bacteria that grow in paris and c...
71  cards
Chapter 7: Skin Structure, Growth and Nutrition
What kind of physician specialize...,
What texture is healthy skin,
All of the following are appendag...
30  cards
Chapter 10 Nail Disorders And Diseases
A normal healthy nail is firm and...,
If a client has ridges running ve...,
The medical term for fungal infec...
19  cards
Chapter 21 Haircoloring
The layer of the hair of that pro...,
In individual hair strands hair t...,
If the cuticle is lifted allowing...
69  cards
Chapter 11-Hair And Scalp
The scientific study of hair it s...,
The two parts of a mature strand ...,
The tube like depression or pocke...
68  cards
Chapter 12 Chemistry
Inorganic chemistry is the study ...,
Which substance cannot be broken ...,
Chemically joining two or more at...
35  cards
Chapter 13 Electricity
The flow of electricity along a c...,
Electric wires are usually covere...,
What is the device called the cha...
25  cards

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