security+ sy0-601

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1.0 Acronyms
292  cards
1.1 Social Engineering Techniques
Shoulder surfing,
22  cards
1.2 Malware Types
Fileless virus,
Keylogger 2
47  cards
1.3 Application Attacks
Privilege escalation,
Xss reflected non persistent
25  cards
1.4 Network Attacks
Rogue ap,
Evil twin,
23  cards
1.5 Threat Actors, Vectors, Intelligence Sources
Nation states,
39  cards
1.6 Vulnerability Types
Zero day attacks,
Open permissions,
Unsecured root accounts
12  cards
1.7 Security Assessment Techniques
Threat hunting,
Intelligence fusion,
Intelligence fusion
14  cards
1.8 Pen Testing Techniques
Working knowledge,
17  cards
2.1 Security Concepts in Enterprise Environments
Configuration management,
Baseline configuration,
Data sovereignty
30  cards
2.2 Virtualization and Cloud Computing
24  cards
2.3 Application Development, Deployment, Automation Concepts
App building,
Secure baselines
18  cards
2.4 Authentication and Authorization Design Concepts
Directory services,
19  cards
2.5 Implement Cybersecurity Resilience
Raid 0,
Raid 1,
Raid 5
28  cards
2.6 Embedded and Specialized Systems
Embedded system,
14  cards
2.7 Physical Security Controls
Barricades bollards,
Access control vestibule,
Usb data blocker
16  cards
2.8 Basic Cryptographic Concepts
37  cards
3.1 Implement Secure Protocols
S mime
17  cards
3.2 Implement Host or Application Security Solutions
Edr steps,
27  cards
3.3 Implement Secure Network Designs
Screened subnet,
Zero trust
43  cards
3.4 Install and Configure Secure Wireless Settings
Wifi encryption that utilizes ccm...,
Wifi encryption that utlizes gcmp...,
What is used to ensure data confi...
20  cards
3.5 Implement Secure Mobile Solutions
Mobile network connection used to...,
What are the three main concerns ...,
Management practice that allows a...
17  cards
3.6 Apply Cybersecurity Solutions to the Cloud
0  cards
3.7 Implement Identity and Account Management Controls
0  cards
3.8 Implement Authentication and Authorization Solutions
0  cards
3.9 Implement Public Key Infrastructure
Policies procedures hardware soft...,
What are the 6 steps to the publi...,
What is the only way to trust a c...
22  cards
4.1 Assess Organizational Security
0  cards
4.2 Policies, Processes and Procedures for Incident Response
0  cards
4.3 Use Data Sources to Support Investigations
0  cards
4.4 Apply Mitigation Techniques and Controls After an Incident
0  cards
4.5 Key Aspects of Digital Forensics
0  cards
5.1 Types of Controls
0  cards
5.2 Importance of Regulations, Standards, Frameworks Impact
0  cards
5.3 Importance of Policies on Organizational Security
0  cards
5.4 Risk Management Processes and Concepts
0  cards
5.5 Privacy and Sensitive Data Concepts
0  cards
Incorrect Study Questions
Frank wants to verify that no unn...,
Ahmed has hundreds of systems spr...,
Frank finds that an attacker has ...
9  cards

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