simmons nurp 530 - advanced health assessment

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Current recommendations regarding...,
Current uspstf recommendations re...,
Seven characteristics of a breast...
25  cards
Female Genitalia - Abnormal Assessment Findings
In a patient with pelvic pain wha...,
Symptoms exam findings and wet mo...,
Symptoms exam findings and wet mo...
17  cards
Female Genitalia - Anatomy
Glands that are located posterior...,
Glands located just posterior and...,
Boat shaped fossa between the lab...
12  cards
Female Genitalia - Assessment
Important questions to ask when a...,
Tips for a successful pelvic exam...,
Tips for successful pelvic exam p...
19  cards
Female Genitalia - Puberty and Menopause
Your 49 year old female patient p...,
Diagnosed after 12 months without...,
What is considered delayed pubert...
10  cards
Tanner Maturity Ratings
Boys stage 1,
Girls breasts stage 4,
Boys stage 3
23  cards
Male Genitalia
What is the general order of pube...,
What is considered delayed pubert...,
What are some common causes of de...
12  cards
Male Genitalia: Hernias and Abnormal Findings
What exam findings are consistent...,
Exam findings consistent with a h...,
What is hypospadias
14  cards
Anus, Rectum, Prostate
Current recommendations for prost...,
What is a normal psa level,
History and exam findings with a ...
12  cards
Nervous System Exam
With your patients eyes closed yo...,
Inability to recognize numbers dr...,
You see unequal pupil size of 04 ...
26  cards
Behavior and Mental Health
Tangential speech with shifting t...,
What are the key features of pers...,
Cluster a personality disorders
46  cards
Cranial Nerves
Cn number picture,
Cn v,
Cn ii
69  cards
The Nervous System
An involuntary response that may ...,
Most common movement disorder,
Low frequency unilateral resting ...
44  cards
The Nervous Systems - Headaches
Primary headaches,
Severe headache with a stiff neck...,
Worst headache of my life with su...
8  cards
What are the 5 places on the body...,
A normal deep tendon reflex in gr...,
Hypoactive or absent reflexes
12  cards
The Nervous System 2
How to assess for diabetic neurop...,
Test for position sense having th...,
How is muscle strength graded
11  cards
Pediatric Neuro Assessment
Signs of severe neurologic diseas...,
How would the fnp assess cn i in ...,
How would the fnp assess cn ii in...
23  cards
Balloting the patella assesses fo...,
A patient reports knee pain when ...,
A forward jerk showing the contou...
33  cards
Musculoskeletal Sport Screening
Step 1 stand straight facing forward,
Step 2 move neck in all directions,
Step 3 shrug shoulders against re...
12  cards
Blueprint Test 4
Current recommendations for prost...,
Normal psa,
Risk factors for prostate ca
41  cards

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simmons nurp 530 - advanced health assessment

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