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Historical, social and cultural context of the professionalisation of doctors, nurses and other therapists
Before 1858 according to the gmc ...,
In 1958 which 3 significant chang...,
What is the pharmacopoeia and whi...
8  cards
Concept of the sick role in modern healthcare
What theoretical model introduced...,
In parson s social system model w...,
Define structural functionalism t...
15  cards
Impact of social inequality on health and the mechanisms for health inequalities
What is the correlation between a...,
What factor about an individual i...,
What are the 4 models used to des...
10  cards
Concept of lay beliefs about healthcare and illness
Define lay belief,
Describe how the health belief mo...,
What sources of information does ...
4  cards
Comparing concepts of belief and expertise:
1  cards
Sociological concepts of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and class
What does the equality act 2010 s...,
What does the nhs constitution st...,
When is sex of an individual assi...
54  cards
Concept of health inequities and how inclusive healthcare practices can affect outcomes for vulnerable groups and marginalised populations
Define health inequity,
Give 3 examples of negative effec...,
What factor about an individual i...
4  cards
Learning disabilities and health equality
Define learning difficulty,
Define learning disability,
Comparing learning disabilities a...
23  cards
Historical changes in the nature of the family
Define family,
What did philip aries 1965 propos...,
What evidence led to
6  cards
Contemporary social and cultural variation in family forms
Define extended family,
Define nuclear family,
Define arranged marriage
16  cards
The role of informal caring within families
Define informal caring,
Are informal carers always adults,
Give 2 reasons why healthcare pro...
19  cards
Sociological aspects of behaviour change and treatment compliance in older people in different care contexts
Define social gerontology,
Is ageing a unidimensional or mul...,
Define chronological ageing
16  cards
How complex medical needs as well as patients' goals and priorities can affect a patients' health and wellbeing
What is the sociological definiti...,
What sociological model theorises...
2  cards

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