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Family + Households (Paper 2)
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Topic 1 - Family and Household
Define a nuclear family,
Define a household,
What percentage of the uk populat...
48  cards
Topic 2 - Childhood
What is culture,
What is childhood,
What is the modern western view
22  cards
Topic 3 - Theories of the Family
Who is considered the father of s...,
What did durkheim suggest about s...,
What did durkheim base society on
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Topic 4 - Demographics
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Topic 6 - Changing Family Patterns
What did chester 1985 suggest abo...,
What did rappaport 1982 suggest a...,
How do functionalists view family...
19  cards
Topic 7 - Families and Social Policy
What are some examples of family ...,
What did donzelot 1977 suggest ab...,
How did condy 2007 agree with don...
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Education (Paper 1)
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Education: Functionalist
What is education for functionalist,
What are the 4 main functions of ...,
Who emphasis the role of transmis...
9  cards
Education: New Right
What do the new right believe edu...,
How do the new right believe educ...,
What are the criticisms of new right
3  cards
Education: Marxist
What do marxist believe issues ar...,
What did bowles and ginitis believe,
What do the marxist think of new ...
3  cards
Education: Class Difference
What are external factors,
What is material deprivation,
What is meant by cultural depriva...
22  cards
Education: External Factors
What did jwb douglas argue 1964,
What did bernstein identify 1975,
What did barry sugarman 1970
12  cards
Education: Internal Factors
What is labeling,
What did becker 1971 find,
What did circouel and kituse 1963...
11  cards
Education: External Factors and Gender Differences in Achievement
What did angela mcrobbie 1994 study,
What changes have happened in fam...,
What act was introduced in 1970
18  cards
Education: Ethnic Differences
What did beriter and engelmann argue,
What did gordan bowker 1968 note,
What did the swann report 1985 note
15  cards
Education: Recent Policies
What do the new right argue about...,
What did the conservative policie...,
What are policies of new right in...
15  cards
Education: Selection Policies. Privatization and Globalization
What does the schools admissions ...,
What has the baker education refo...,
What are the main selection polic...
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Durkheim Suicide Study (Positivists Vs Internationalists)
What type of theory is positivist,
What do positivists believe that ...,
What type of theory is a interact...
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Media (Paper 2)
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Topic 1 - New Media and Role in Modern Society
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Theories and Methods (Paper 3)
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Research Methods
What does pet stand for,
What area the advantages of self ...,
What area the disadvantages of se...
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Topic 5 - Functionalism
What type of theory is functionalism,
What does parson note about society,
What does parson s note about val...
14  cards
Topic 6 - Marxism
What is the main principle of mar...,
What did marx say about society a...,
What is meant by class consciousness
11  cards
Topic 7 - Feminist Theories
What are the main principles of f...,
What do liberal feminists believe,
What do radical feminists believe...
9  cards
Topic 8 - Social Action Theories
What did max weber suggest about ...,
Evaluate max webber theories,
What is symbolic internationalism
8  cards
Topic 9 - Postmodernism and Late Modernism
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