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What view does functionalism take,
What happens if this view does no...,
What are the 2 socialisation proc...
15  cards
What theory is marxism,
Who believed there was conflict b...,
Who are the bourgeoisie
26  cards
Neoliberal / New Right Perspective
What is the difference between th...,
What do the new right argue,
What did the new right believe in...
15  cards
Key Concepts
What is the macro view,
What is the micro view,
What are the 2 approaches in soci...
6  cards
Key Issues in Sociological Research
What is primary data,
What is secondary data,
What is quantitative data
21  cards
Social Class - External Factors
What social class backgrounds ach...,
What are the 3 external factors o...,
What do cultural deprivation theo...
33  cards
Glossary For Education
Define theory,
What is anarchy anomie,
Define culture
118  cards
Glossary For Reserach Methods
Define funding body,
Define research opportunity,
Define informed consent
23  cards
Educational Policies
What does educational policy refe...,
Most educational policies are a r...,
What policies were introduced in ...
34  cards
Social Class - Internal Factors
What are the 5 main factors inter...,
What does labelling refer to,
Why do teachers label
31  cards
Gender - Girls Achievement
Which sex generally perform bette...,
What is the percentage difference...,
What are the 4 external factors a...
31  cards
Gender - Boys Achievement
What are 4 internal factors influ...,
Why might boys lack literacy skills,
Why might leisure pursuits for bo...
28  cards
Choosing A Research Method
What are the 2 sources of data,
What is primary data,
What are the 3 methods that can b...
45  cards
The Process Of Research
Define hypothesis,
Is disregarding a hypothesis a ba...,
Give an advantage of hypothesis
28  cards
Ethnicity - External Factors
What is an ethnic group,
What are sociologists interested ...,
What are the 3 external factors i...
19  cards
Ethnicity - Internal Factors
What are the 4 main internal fact...,
How are black and asian pupils se...,
What did gillborn youdell in 2000...
16  cards
The Research Context - Education
What are the 5 main groups and se...,
What are the 3 main differences b...,
Why is their a difference between...
10  cards
What are the 3 types of experiments,
What is a lab experiment,
Give 3 advantages of lab experiments
22  cards
Methods In Context - Experiments
What are the 5 issues sociologist...,
What 3 sociologists did lab exper...,
What did harvey and slatin do a s...
22  cards
What is a closed ended question,
What is an open ended question,
Name 6 advantages of questionnaires
6  cards
How were couples laid out in the ...,
What is the domestic division of ...,
What is the instrumental role who...
36  cards
What is meant by birth rate,
What is meant by total fertility ...,
What are the 4 reasons for the de...
22  cards
Glossary For Families And Households
0  cards
0  cards
Theories Of The Family
0  cards
Family Diveristy
0  cards
Families And Social Policy
0  cards

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