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Fu Organs
What are the functions of fu yang...,
What is san jiao,
How does san jiao mobilise yuan qi
35  cards
Zang Organs
What is the function of zang organs,
Explain the term yang xiang,
What are the key functions of the...
40  cards
Yin & Yang
What is yin and yang,
What are the four aspects of yin ...,
What are the four stages of imbal...
4  cards
Qi & vital substances
What are the vital substances,
What is qi,
What is essence
22  cards
5 element theory
What are the 5 elements,
What is the generating sequences,
According to zangfu theory what o...
8  cards
Relationships of Organs
What is the heart lung relationship,
What is the heart liver relationship,
What is the heart kidney relation...
10  cards
6 extraordinary organs
What are the 6 extraordinary organs,
What is the function of the brain,
How is the brain the sea of marrow
19  cards
Yang Sheng
What is yang sheng,
What are some examples of yang sheng,
What are the 3 factors that influ...
7  cards
What is aetiology,
What is a disease,
What is pathophysiology
38  cards
8 Principles
What does ba gang mean,
What are the eight principles,
What factors do we look at to det...
56  cards
6 divisions
What are the 6 divisions,
What are the pairings of the orga...,
How does cold move in the body
75  cards
The four examinations
What are the four diagnostic methods,
What is inquiry,
What are the 10 questions
90  cards
Tongue diagnosis
What is a normal tongue body colour,
What does a pale tongue indicate,
What does a red tongue indicate
9  cards
Pulse diagnosis
What should the normal pulse cons...,
What is a superficial floating pulse,
What is a choppy pulse
19  cards

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