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Bold print
48  cards
62  cards
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Common bile duct,
Adaptive arm
500  cards
Science - Cell Structures
Selective permability,
What are the functions of the cri...
49  cards
Science - Tissue//Organ Systems// Planes
What is the pneumonic to remember...,
Epithelial tissue,
What is an example of epithelial ...
27  cards
Science Cardiac and Respiratory
What is the upper respiratory sys...,
What is the lower respiratory sys...,
What is the pneumonic to remember...
49  cards
Science - Digestive System
What are the functions of the dig...,
What does movement do,
What does secretion do
37  cards
Science - Nervous System
Action potential,
Chemical synapse
49  cards
Science - Reproductive System
What does the penis contain,
What does the urethra do,
What does the scrotum do
40  cards
Science - Integumentary system
What are the functions of the int...,
What do sebacious glands secrete,
What does sebum help with
52  cards
Science - Macromolecules
Catabolic reaction,
What are the basic catabolic reac...,
Anabolic reaction
25  cards
Science - DNA & RNA
What does a nucleotide consist of,
What are the 4 types of nitrogeno...,
Primidine bases
16  cards
Science - Urinary System
Components of urinary system,
Layers of the kidneys,
Renal cortex
12  cards
Science - Immune System
Examples of pathogens,
What is the function of the immun...
28  cards
Science - Endocrine System
Function of the adrenal cortex,
Function of the adrenal medulla,
Function of thyroid gland
53  cards
Science - Skeletal System
What makes up the axial skeleton,
How many vertebrae make up the ve...,
How many vertebrae are in the cer...
48  cards
Science - Basic Atomic Structures
What is responsible for having a ...,
What does the nucleus contain
65  cards
Science - Chemistry/ Characteristic properties of substances
True false intensive properties d...,
Extensive properties,
26  cards
Science - Chemistry//Reactions
Combination reaction,
Decomposition reaction,
Single replacement reaction
15  cards
Science - SCientific Reasoning
37  cards

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