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The Bible Project
What is the theme of genesis 1 11,
What is the theme of genesis 12 50,
What does god do the disorder and...
21  cards
Rubin Report Interviews Bishop Robert Baron
What lesson in school caused bell...,
What is aquinas argument form cau...,
T f most atheist dont understand ...
33  cards
There are people places and event...,
Adam and eve tree of life tree of...,
The willing sacrifice of issac ab...
8  cards
Biblical Interpretations // Bishop Barron
Name three prejudices that have b...,
What is barrons first rule of thu...,
How did their understanding of th...
15  cards
Angels are pure _____,
Some angels are _____,
Some angels come to _____
30  cards
Sacraments Introduction
What command did jesus give to hi...,
What is grace,
How were adam and eve different f...
31  cards
Baptism Study Questions
Define a type,
List three events from the old te...,
Noahs flood
54  cards
What are the sacraments of initia...,
What does the word christ mean,
How are the followers of christ a...
52  cards
Anointing of the Sick
Why did jesus work miracles in hi...,
What are concrete examples of how...,
What were the instructions that j...
26  cards
John 6
What impressed the large crowd th...,
Why did jesus ask phillip where c...,
What food did they find and who h...
21  cards
Introduction to the Eucharist
Read the worksheet girl
1  cards
Vestments Definitions
Contains the opening prayer praye...,
Liturgical year this book contain...,
Contains the scripture readings f...
33  cards
Notes on Mass DVD
The first garment the priest puts...,
The _____ is the rope belt that r...,
T or f all church symbolism means...
32  cards
Chapter 4 // Confessions
Define the sacrament of penance,
Sin is the result of failure to l...,
How does original sin affect each...
44  cards

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