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Chapter 3 Test: Divine Revelation
The living transmission of the go...,
The full content of divine revela...,
The handing on of apostolic preac...
19  cards
Chapter 6 Test: How was the Bible Put Together?
The official list of scripture,
The greek translation of the old ...,
What protestants call the seven g...
28  cards
Chapters 5 & 8 Test: Contexts and Senses of Scripture
Without error,
The dogmatic constitution on divi...,
Interpreting or analyzing scripture
20  cards
First Semester Theology Final
Our tendency to do what s wrong,
The first humans who lost their c...,
The state of human nature deprive...
77  cards
Second Semester Theology Exam
The ______ testament is centered ...,
The old testament is made up of 4...,
What the protestants call the ___...
49  cards
Chapter 3 Test: Incarnation
The visit of the archangel gabrie...,
Means god with us an angel told j...,
Latin for let it be done this was...
28  cards
Chapter 4 Test: The Luminous Mysteries
A set of meditations of the rosar...,
The passover sacrifice at the exo...,
Following the baptism of christ b...
28  cards
Chapter 5 Test: Paschal Mystery
Jesus saving act consisting of hi...,
The mental moral and physical ago...,
Ruling council of the temple in j...
28  cards
Chapter 6: God Desires Our Happiness
Teachings of jesus at the sermon ...,
Being a follower of jesus christ,
The 3 virtues infused in the soul...
23  cards
Theology Semester 1 Final Exam
How does god prepare the world fo...,
Covenant with noah,
Covenant with abraham
8  cards
Chapter 2 Test: Christ Institutes the Church
28  cards
Chapter 3 Test: The Early Church
Primacy of peter,
Council of jerusalem
27  cards
Chapter 4 Test: Sacrament of Salvation
30  cards
Chapter 5 Test: The Marks of the Church
27  cards
Chapter 6 Test: Laity, Liturgy, Prayer, and Mary
Common priesthood,
Consecrated life
31  cards
Theology Semester 2 Final Exam
How does god use covenants in the...,
Covenant with abraham,
Covenant with moses
23  cards

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