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1. Child Abuse and Neglect
Bruising or marking in unusual sp...,
Fine to drastic change in behavio...,
Poor hygiene malnourished not cha...
4  cards
2. Abuse and Neglect of Elderly and Dependent Clients
Clinical mandate signs of neglect...,
Elderly and dependent clients
2  cards
3. Domestic Violence
Signs of abuse,
Interventions and safety planning,
Legal and ethical implications
8  cards
4. Suicide and Self Harm
Risk factors,
3  cards
5. Danger to Others
Court ruling that requires that i...,
2  cards
6. Crisis Intervention
Indications for use,
Common goals and interventions,
Major stressors throw a person s ...
3  cards
7. Substance Use and Substance Induced Disorders
Dsm 5 criteria,
Must be addressed,
Withdrawal symptoms
11  cards
8. Childhood Disorders
Type 1 a persistent deficit in so...,
Unable to maintain attention span...,
Learning disabilities
8  cards
9. Psychotic Disorders
Client has visual or auditory hal...,
Clients thoughts that are not acc...,
When a delusion is possible not l...
6  cards
10. Mood Disorders
Treatment planning
8  cards
11. Anxiety Disorders
Display excessive anxiety or worr...,
Fits along crisis model and the p...,
Treatment planning
10  cards
12. Bereavement and Grief
Individuals believe the diagnosis...,
They become frustrated especially...,
Involves the hope that the indivi...
6  cards
13. Disorders Related to Health
Importance of medical doctor refe...,
May see themselves as overweight ...,
Have recurrent and frequent episo...
4  cards
14. Sexual Disorders
When a client comes in with sexua...,
After a medical condition is rule...,
Common treatments and interventions
3  cards
15. Personality Disorders
When it is part of clients person...,
When a client does not like that ...,
These clients end up in therapy a...
4  cards
16. Trauma Related Disorders
Symptoms of trauma in children,
Symptoms of trauma in adults,
5  cards
17. Medical Conditions
Medical conditions that affect me...,
Ruling out medical conditions bef...,
Referring to a medical doctor
3  cards
18. Factors Affecting Mental Health
Biological factors,
Psychological factors,
Social and environmental
3  cards
19. Stages of Development
The impact of social experience a...,
Infancy birth to 18 months event ...,
Early childhood 2 to 3 years even...
18  cards
20. Normal Childhood Development
Infant and toddler development,
Sexualized play,
Psychoeducation with parents
3  cards
21. Adolescent Issues
Developmental issues,
A common diagnosis seen in teenag...,
Teenagers who have issues with au...
4  cards
22. Working Issues
Benefit that focuses on assistanc...,
When someone comes in and is lack...
2  cards
23. Treating Couples
Contact between sessions,
No secrets policy,
Common interventions
3  cards
24. Treating Families
Family dynamics,
Identified patients,
Systems theory
7  cards
25. Elderly Issues
Competency to make decisions,
Life review,
Change in roles
6  cards
26. Assessment
What a sw pays attention to autom...,
Referral sources,
Tests iq in children by school di...
6  cards
27. Interventions
Treatment planning,
Take into account their motivatio...,
Know the client and build relatio...
6  cards
28. Termination
When to terminate,
How to terminate,
Common client responses
3  cards
29. Medication Management
When to refer,
Collaborating with psychiatrist
2  cards
30. Therapy Theories
Looking at change at early unreso...,
Believe that changes happens thro...,
Something is added to increase th...
19  cards
31. Psychological Phenomena
A coping strategy used in an effo...,
Characterized by rigor severe sel...,
The refusal to accept reality or ...
14  cards
32. Consent for Treatment
Legal and ethical importance,
Involuntary clients,
Risks of therapy
3  cards
33. Confidentiality
Requests for information
2  cards
34. Fees
Establishing fees at the beginnin...,
Ethically if a client comes to se...,
The use of different form of paym...
4  cards
35. Boundaries
Addressing issues,
Avoiding dual relationships
3  cards
36. Transference and Countertransference
Feelings that clients have toward...,
Feelings that a sw has towards cl...,
How to manage it
4  cards
37. Records
What to document,
What to release,
Who owns the record
5  cards
38. Releases and Referrals
Who can sign a release,
What to share,
When to refer out
4  cards
39. Insurance
Your contract as provider,
Advocating for services
3  cards
40. Privilege
A legal term related to when issu...,
Who holds it,
When its waived
3  cards
41. Group Treatment
The group is just starting to com...,
Where conflict and competition ar...,
The group becomes a cohesive unit...
6  cards
42. School Social Work
Common reasons for referral,
Referring to an individual therapist,
Commonly encountered diagnoses
4  cards
43. Child Protective Services / Foster Care Worker
Assessing the safety of children,
Intervene to protect children fro...,
Strengthening families
4  cards
44. Medical / Hospital Social Work
Working as member of multidiscipl...,
Know your role,
Providing psychoeducation to fami...
9  cards
45. Administrative Social Work
Know the role
1  cards
46. Case Management
Know your role,
Care plans,
Coordination of services
3  cards
47. Research
Importance of informed consent,
One group of people only baseline...,
Assigned to two different groups ...
5  cards
48. Community Social Work and Advocacy
Doing speaking on behalf of the c...,
Helps organize situation group of...,
Can join into group or population...
6  cards
49. Cultural Groups and Diversity
When people take actions to their...,
Prejudice that someone has toward...,
Targeting people based on race su...
9  cards
50. Consultation / Supervision
When to consult your supervisor,
Ethical issues with clients,
Case consultations
5  cards

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