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Cell as a Unit of Health and Disease
Specialized tye of grinder that s...,
It synthesizes new proteins for t...,
Abundant in liver and gonads wher...
41  cards
I - Cell Injury, Cell Death and Adaptations
Increase in size of cells resulti...,
Increase in number of cells,
Hypertrophy of hyperplasia uterus...
105  cards
II - Acute and Chronic Inflammation
It is a response of vascularized ...,
The first step in a typical infla...,
The main components of inflammation
108  cards
III - Tissue Repair, Healing and Fibrosis
Cells of these tissues are contin...,
Cells of theses tissues are quies...,
Cells of these tissues are consid...
72  cards
IV - Hemodynamic Disorders, Thrombosis and Shock
Extravasation of fluid into inter...,
It is a severe and generalized ed...,
The edema fluid occuring with vol...
157  cards
IX - General Pathology of Infectious Diseases
These agents cause transmissible ...,
Infected cells show distinct nucl...,
Infected cells show glassy nuclea...
117  cards
V - Diseases of the Immune System
This term refers to protection ag...,
It is the collection of cells and...,
Type of immunity mediated by neut...
105  cards
VI - Neoplasia
This term literally means new growth,
An abnormal mass of tissue the gr...,
Study of tumors
107  cards
VII - Genetic and Pediatric Diseases
These disorders are derived from ...,
This term literally means present...,
This term refers to permanent cha...
184  cards
VIII - Environmental and Nutritional Diseases
A gas formed by sunlight driven r...,
A nonirritating colorless tastele...,
Carbon monoxide in the blood is c...
95  cards
X - The Blood Vessels
In these arteries elastic fibers ...,
In these arteries tunica media is...,
These are the principal control p...
111  cards
XI - The Heart
The morphologic and clinical effe...,
Hemosiderin laden macrophages are...,
This is usually the earliest and ...
138  cards
XII - The Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Systems
Average volume per cell expressed...,
A reduction in the oxygen transpo...,
The average content of hemoglobin...
170  cards
XIII - The Lung
Loss of lung volume cause by inad...,
Atelectasis which occurs when an ...,
Atelectasis usually associated wi...
126  cards
XIV - The Kidneys and Its Collecting System
A glomerular syndrome dominated b...,
A glomerular syndrome characteriz...,
Characterized by bacteriuria and ...
150  cards
XIX - Female Genital System and the Breast
Lesion of the female vulva charac...,
This disorder of the vulva is mar...,
These are flat moist minimally el...
173  cards
XV - The Oral Cavity and the GI Tract
Small painful rounded superficial...,
Extremely common infection caused...,
Test used to identify hsv infection
224  cards
XVI - The Liver, Gallbladder and Biliary Tree
Marked cell enlargement with irre...,
Multiple tiny fat droplets that d...,
A single large fat droplet that d...
153  cards
XVII - The Pancreas
This disease is characterized by ...,
Cardinal manifestation of acute p...,
Necrosis of pancreatic tissue aff...
42  cards
XVIII - The Male Genital System
An abnormal opening of the urethr...,
An abnormal opening of the urethr...,
A congenital malformation of the ...
111  cards
XX - The Endocrine System
A benign well circumscribed soft ...,
Most common type of hyperfunction...,
Microscopically these are compose...
166  cards
XXI - Musculoskeletal System
Known as brittle bone disease,
This is a group of hereditary dis...,
Characterized by disproportionate...
141  cards
XXII - The Skin
This term is the accumulation of ...,
An uncommon usually self limited ...,
In this skin disorder there is ma...
77  cards
XXIII - The Nervous System
This pattern of neuronal cell inj...,
These are round faintly basophili...,
Cells which produce myelin in the...
209  cards

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