tort law

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Tort Law
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Negligence - Introduction
What is the concept or tort of ne...,
What are the four key elements or...,
How did the tort of negligence de...
22  cards
Negligence - Duty of Care
What has the requirement of a dut...,
What issues have the courts had r...,
What were the two early tests con...
47  cards
Negligence - Breach of Duty
What is the significance of the c...,
What is the importance of imposin...,
What is the key issue underpinnin...
72  cards
Negligence - Psychiatric Harm
0  cards
Negligence - Causation & Remoteness
What is the concept of causation,
How important is causation to neg...,
What are the two types of causation
40  cards
Negligence - Defences
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Negligence - Vicarious Liability
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Land Torts - Private Nuisance
What is the underlying objective ...,
What is the land tort of private ...,
What is the objective of private ...
64  cards
Land Torts - Rylands v Fletcher
What is the rylands v fletcher rule,
What are the three hurdles for cl...,
What are the details of the rylan...
28  cards
Trespass to the Person - Assault
What is an assault,
What are the four requirements fo...,
What is the requirement of intent...
12  cards
Trespass to the Person - Battery
What is battery,
What are the 3 key components an ...,
What exactly must be intended for...
39  cards
Trespass to the Person - False Imprisonment
What is false imprisonment,
What are the three key elements t...,
Which case clarified the requirem...
24  cards
Trespass to Person - The Rule in Wilkinson v Downton
What does the rule in wilkinson v...,
What are the details of the wilki...,
What was the finding of the wilki...
14  cards
Trespass to the Person - Harassment
Which piece of legislation govern...,
What effect does the protection f...,
What is the primary remedy under ...
33  cards
Defamation - Introduction
What is defamation,
What is the main authority regard...,
What is the relationship between ...
15  cards
Defamation - Defamatory Imputation
Which section of the 2013 defamat...,
What does da s1 1 and 2 provide r...,
What does a claimant have to prov...
31  cards
Defamation - Reference to the Claimant
What is the key question to be as...,
What are the potential ways in wh...,
Which case provides an example of...
14  cards
Defamation - Publication of the Imputation
What is the importance of publica...,
What does publication mean in the...,
What is the laws position regardi...
16  cards
Defamation - Defences - Truth and Honest Belief
What are the five potential defen...,
What is the defence of truth to a...,
What are the two elements to the ...
22  cards
Defamation - Defences - Privilege
What is the reasoning behind the ...,
What is absolute privilege,
What is a practical example of a ...
30  cards
Defamation - Defences - Offer of Amends & Innocent Dissemination
What provides the authority for t...,
What are the three key elements o...,
What is meant by the first requir...
11  cards
Defamation - Remedies
What are the potential remedies f...,
What is the purpose of awarding d...,
How may damages and injunctions b...
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