unit 2: medical abbreviations

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Lesson 1: Patient Care Word List
7  cards
Lesson 2: Healthcare Word Access List
Healthcare system,
Access to care,
11  cards
Lesson 3: Government Regulation of Healthcare Word List
International agencies,
Regulatory agency,
Domestic agencies
7  cards
Lesson 4: Government Healthcare Word List
National institutes of health nih,
Centers for disease control and p...,
National institute for occupation...
7  cards
Diseases and Disorders
0  cards
Lesson 1: A-B Word List Abbreviations
Add and adhd,
5  cards
Lesson 2: Healthcare Word Access List
Cad and chd,
5  cards
lesson 3: D-F Word List
5  cards
lesson 4: H–L Word List
5  cards
Lesson 5: M–P Word List
6  cards
Lesson 6: S–U Word List
5  cards
Patient Status Abbreviations
0  cards
Lesson 1: Medical Orders Word List
Medical orders,
No added salts nas,
No known allergies nka
10  cards
Lesson 2: Procedural Word List
Medical procedures,
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation cpr,
Magnetic resonance imaging mri
10  cards
Lesson 3: Patient Status Abbreviations
Alert awake and oriented aao,
Afebrile afeb,
While awake wa
7  cards
Lesson 4: Blood Work Word List
Blood pressure b p,
Blood sugar bs,
Fasting blood work fbw
5  cards
Lesson 5: Additional Patient Status Terms Word List
Treatment tx,
History hx,
Chief complaint cc
10  cards
Healthcare Career Terms
0  cards
Lesson 1: Physician and Physical Therapist Word List
Doctor of medicine,
Doctor of osteopathic medicine do,
Obstetrician ob gyn
4  cards
Lesson 2: Nursing Word List
Certified nurse s aide cna,
Licensed practical nurse lpn
7  cards
Lesson 3: Emergency, Dental, and Other Technician Word List
Emergency medical technician emt,
Emt certification,
Aemt advanced emergency medical t...
7  cards
Lesson 4: Healthcare Informatics Word List
Health informatics,
Clinical information system cis,
Cis specialist
7  cards
Lesson 5: Medical Transcription and Coding Word List
Medical transcriptionist,
Registered medical transcriptioni...,
Certified medical transcriptionis...
5  cards

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unit 2: medical abbreviations

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