uofg medicine question bank 2020

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Integumentary System
What are the layers of the skin e...,
What are the layers of the epider...,
What cells functions are unique t...
49  cards
Clinical Consequences
Describe tay sachs disease,
Describe kartageners syndrome,
Describe vohwinkel syndrome
64  cards
Cell Organelles/Signalling/Histology/Physiological Processes/Trauma&Shock
Cells, shock
85  cards
Infection/Bacteria/Virus/Immune Response/Tropical Disease
What cells does the common myeloi...,
What cell gives rise to a majorit...,
What are the different antibodies
202  cards
Anatomical Terminology
What are the 3 approaches to stud...,
What are some essential parts of ...,
What technological advances help ...
19  cards
Stem Cells/Differentiation/Cell Cycle
What is the hierarchy of stem cel...,
Name a type of adult tissue stem ...,
What are some examples of unipote...
76  cards
Prenatal Development
What is the first stage of develo...,
What can be found around the outs...,
What are the first two distinct c...
36  cards
Cells and Cancer
What are the 6 characteristics of...,
What is autonomous cellular repli...,
What does the platelet derived gr...
68  cards
Muscle Origin/Insertion/Nerve/Blood Supply
What do extrinsic muscles of the ...,
What do intrinsic muscles of the ...,
If there is not much mobility bet...
61  cards
What are the cells that build and...,
What components are found within ...,
What are the 3 types of cartilage
26  cards
Extracellular Matrix
What are the 5 types of molecules...,
How many types of collagen are there,
What are the structural component...
39  cards
What surrounds muscles,
What is a fascicle,
What are fascicles surrounded by
67  cards
What are the types of prescribing...,
What is guided antibiotic prescri...,
What is empirical antibiotic pres...
30  cards
Nervous System
Is the optic nerve similar to the...,
What are glial cells,
What are components of a neuron
163  cards
What causes a valve to open,
What are septal defects,
What are calcification of valves ...
105  cards
What is a hospital drug kartex,
What is pharmacodynamics,
What is pharmacokinetics
10  cards
Gastrointestinal System
What does the first law of thermo...,
What does the body need energy for,
What is gibbs free energy delta g
88  cards
Genitourinary System
How any types of hpv are there an...,
How prevalent is hpv and how is i...,
Describe the histological layout ...
131  cards
Special Senses
What is sound,
What is frequency,
What is a typical range for a you...
103  cards
2- Bones and the Skeleton
How are the upper limbs attached ...,
What is apposition reposition and...,
What are some roles facts of the ...
215  cards
Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism
How much calcium is contained in ...,
What are some biological roles of...,
How is calcium transported
47  cards
Sports Injury
What are the main causes of sudde...,
What sports pose the greatest ris...,
How does injury differ based on u...
26  cards
Vascular Tree
What provides most of the size ch...,
What innermost layer,
What is the vasa vasorum
27  cards
What is ecm composed of,
What is significant about size of...,
What is glycoprotein and where is...
44  cards
What is muscle fatigue,
How does fatigue impact force sho...,
How does rapid onset fatigue impa...
59  cards
Embryology Part 2
What is the notochord,
What is the paraxial mesoderm and...,
What are the layers of the mesode...
82  cards
What are potential problems with ...,
Why doesnt everyone get auto immu...,
What is the 2 hit mechanism of au...
58  cards
What is a break in tolerance,
Does autoimmune disease primarily...,
What causes autoimmunity
52  cards
Anatomy of Thorax/ Histology
What are the differences between ...,
What forms the superior thoracic ...,
What forms the inferior thoracic ...
75  cards
How are the av valves attached to...,
How do semilunar valves close,
Describe the cardiac cycle
192  cards
Radiography and other images
What is an echocardiogram used for,
With 2d echos what are the planes,
How can left ventricular ejection...
50  cards
Clotting part 2/ Atherosclerosis / Lipids
What endogenous factor typically ...,
How does atherosclerosis relate t...,
What is thrombosis
106  cards
Public Health/ Genetics/ Causation
What is absolute risk,
What is relative risk,
How is relative risk interpreted
46  cards
What is the calculation for deter...,
Mean blood pressure dictates the ...,
What changes does exercise have i...
17  cards
Respiratory System
What are things to evaluate in re...,
What are things to evaluate in re...,
What are things to evaluate in re...
144  cards
Heart Failure/ Acid Base Balance
What is heart failure,
What causes heart failure,
What are symptoms of heart failure
42  cards
What are common targets of drugs,
How do drugs work,
What are types of drugs receptor ...
22  cards
Embryology Part 3/ Reproductive Endocrinology
What two hormones are important i...,
What is the neural groove,
What germ layer forms the neural ...
107  cards
Women's Health/ Triaging/ Palliative Care
How does social class impact mate...,
How does socioeconomic status imp...,
What does barker s hypothesis state
27  cards
Breast Milk/Malnutrition/Vaccines
What structures form the gross an...,
What structures form the histolog...,
How is breast development impacte...
53  cards
Health and Disease in Adolescents/Adults
What is the average age of first ...,
What people are more prone to neg...,
What are serious health needs
56  cards
Prep Work for Year 2 GI
What is cholecystitis,
What is cholelithiasis,
What is cholecystectomy
11  cards

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