UPDATING SOON: OCR Biology A - Module 2

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Unit 1: Microscopy
1. Microscopy and Images 2. Cells
31  cards
Unit 2: Biological Molecules
1. Water 2. Monomers and Polymers 3. Chemical Elements 4. Key Inorganic Ions 5. Tests
21  cards
PENDING: Unit 3: Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids
1. The structure of nucleotides and nucleic acids 2. The replication of DNA 3. The nature of the genetic code 4. The synthesis of polypeptides
0  cards
PENDING: Unit 4: Enzymes
1. The role of enzymes 2. The mechanism of enzyme action 3. Effects of conditions on enzymes 4. Practical investigations 5. Enzyme-controlled reactions
0  cards
PENDING: Unit 5: Biological Membranes
1. Roles of membranes in cells 2. Membrane structure and permeability 3. The movement of molecules across membranes 4. Water potential and osmosis
0  cards
PENDING: Unit 6: Cell Division, Cell Diversity and Cellular Organisation
1. The cell cycle 2. Mitosis 3. Meiosis 4. Cell specialisation in multicellular organisms 5. Tissues, organs and organ systems 6. The features and differentiation of stem cells
0  cards

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UPDATING SOON: OCR Biology A - Module 2

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