vce economics unit 3/4

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Chapter 1 - An introduction to microeconomics
What are the 4 factors of production,
What are the three basic economic...,
What is market capitalism
21  cards
Chapter 2 - The Market Mechanism
What is microeconomics,
What is a market,
What is a competitive market
34  cards
Chapter 3 - Market Structure, Market Failure and Government Intervention
What is the definition of market ...,
What is the general criteria dete...,
What is perfect competition
29  cards
Chapter 4 - The nature and purpose of macroeconomic activity
What is macroeconomic activity,
Three approaches used by the abs ...,
Define nominal gdp
24  cards
Chapter 5 - The goal of strong and sustainable economic growth
What is strong and sustainable ec...,
What is the measure used to measu...,
What is an annual gdp figure
18  cards
Chapter 6 - The goal of full employment
What is the definition of employment,
What is the definition of unemplo...,
What is nairu
19  cards
Chapter 7 - The goal of low inflation
What is the definition of inflation,
What is the rbas low inflation goal,
Why does the rba target 2 3 growt...
22  cards
Chapter 8 - The goal of external stability
What are the types of internation...,
What is the balance of payments bop,
Outline the structure of the bop
27  cards
Chapter 9 - The goal of equity in the distribution of income
What is the goal of equity in the...,
What are the 3 sub goals for achi...,
What is the difference between eq...
30  cards
Chapter 10 - The nature and operation of budgetary policy
What is the definition of budgeta...,
What are the longer term goals of...,
What is the composition of the bu...
20  cards
Chapter 11 - Budgetary policy in action
How does the budget address econo...,
What is the current governments,
What is the governments budget re...
19  cards
Chapter 12 - The nature and operation of monetary policy
What is the definition of monetar...,
What is the medium term objective,
What are the key considerations i...
20  cards
Chapter 13 - Monetary policy in action
What is the primary focus of the rba,
What are leading indicators of ec...,
What are lagging indicators of ec...
11  cards
Chapter 14 - The nature and operation of aggregate supply policies
What is the definition of aggrega...,
What are the effects of as policies,
What are the effect of as policie...
23  cards
Chapter 15 - Aggregate supply policies in action
What is the labour market,
How did the labour market previou...,
What is the definition of enterpr...
12  cards
Chapter 16 - Immigration and environmental policies
How many people have migrated to ...,
What did the intergenerational re...,
What are the three main immigrati...
25  cards
Chapter 17 - Policy relationships and the current policy mix
What is the recent policy mix to ...,
What is the recent policy mix to ...,
What is the recent policy mix to ...
6  cards

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vce economics unit 3/4

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