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U1 O1 Triage & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
What is meant by the term triage,
How do you triage a patient with ...,
What is the main aim of a telepho...
202  cards
U1 O3 - Emergency diagnostics
What is the normal pcv for cats a...,
What are reticulocytes,
What is the mean cell volume mcv ...
372  cards
U1 O2 - Shock, vascular access and fluid therapy
Shock, Vascular access and fluid therapy
278  cards
U2 O1 - Monitoring the critical patient
Why are the three major body syst...,
Why is it important to monitor tr...,
What are the key principles to gu...
131  cards
U2 O2 - Nursing the critical patient
What is a hospital acquiredinfect...,
What is rer,
What is enteral nutrition
177  cards
U2 O3 - Anaesthesia and analgesia
What is an asa chart,
What type of patient would be an ...,
What type of patient would be an ...
358  cards
U3 O1 - cardiovascular emergencies
What is the function of the cardi...,
For the cardiovascular system to ...,
What is cardiac output
225  cards
U3 O2 - Respiratory Emergencies
What is respiratory distress,
What is fractional inspired oxyge...,
What are blood gases
293  cards
U3 O3 - Haematological and Haemostatic Emergencies
What does anaemia arise due to,
What is anaemia,
What detrimental effects can anae...
375  cards
U4 O1 - Gastrointestinal and Medical Abdominal Emergencies
What is melaena,
What is tenesmus,
What is regurgitation
268  cards
U4 O2 - Endocrine emergencies
What is isosthenuria,
What is hyposthenuria,
What is ketoacidosis
153  cards
U4 O3 - Urogenital Emergencies
What is acute kidney injury aki p...,
What is anuria,
What is azotaemia
297  cards
U5 O1 - Neurological and Ophthalmic Emergencies
What is ataxia,
What is blepharospasm,
What is clonus
231  cards
U5 O2 - Small Mammal, Bird and Reptile Emergency and Critical Care
Small Mammal, Bird and Reptile Emergency and Critical Care
324  cards
U5 O3 - Toxicological Emergencies (Intoxications)
What is the time frame within whi...,
Table salt should not be used as ...,
A cathartic is a substance which ...
232  cards
U6 O1 - Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Injuries
Emergency surgical procedures
135  cards
U6 O2
0  cards
U6 O3
0  cards
RECOVER CPR Basic life support
What is the cranial vena cava,
What is the right atrium,
What valve sits between the right...
225  cards
RECOVER CPR Advanced life support
What two monitoring device techni...,
When should ecg traces be monitor...,
What is end tidal co2 monitoring ...
267  cards

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