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Italy: Central & Southern
What are the two docgs of umbria,
Which grapes make up the blend of...,
Orvieto doc spans which 2 wine re...
298  cards
Italy: Northern
When was the doc system first int...,
What year was the first docg awar...,
What does docg stand for
325  cards
Italy - Northern & General
Northern italy regions,
Name three of the modernists in b...,
Barolo chinato
52  cards
Italy - Central
What is the minimum percentage of...,
Sagrantino di montefalco docg is ...,
Who produces redigaffi
50  cards
Italy - South
Etna rosso varietal region,
Varietal in taurasi docg taurasi ...,
21  cards
Italy & Malta
Name the subzones of valtellina s...,
Minimum ageing for barolo docg an...,
Name the four docgs of campania
123  cards
Italy 1
What is the maximum pressure allo...,
What is carricante,
What super tuscan doc shares the ...
317  cards
Giacomo conterno,
Langhe doc
210  cards
Made up of,
How was chianti first described i...
11  cards
Oltrepo pavese doc,
Valtellina doc,
Terre di franciacorta
45  cards
Valpolicella doc,
Amarene della valpolicella doc
98  cards
Friuli- Venezia Giulia
Friuli venezia giulia,
Friuli grave doc,
Colli orientali and collio corizi...
62  cards
Trentino- Alto Adige
Trentino alto adige,
Alto adige,
60  cards
Emilia- Romagna
Emilia romagna,
Colli placentini doc,
Sangiovese di romagna doc
31  cards
Chianti docg,
Chianti classico docg
141  cards
Verdicchio dei castelli di jesi doc,
Conero docg,
17  cards
Orvieto doc,
Sagrantino di montefalco doc
28  cards
Frascati doc,
10  cards
Montepulciano d abruzzo,
Trebbiano d abruzzo
14  cards
Taurasi docg,
Lacrima christi del vesuvio
30  cards
Salice salentino doc and copertin...,
Primitivo del manduria
25  cards
Aglianico del vulture doc,
11  cards
Ciro doc,
Calabria general
13  cards
Alcamo doc,
Cerasuolo docg
29  cards
Sardinia (Sardegna)
Sardinia sardengna,
13  cards
Italy 2
True or false orvieto doc is loca...,
What is the main grape of chianti...,
What is the principal red grape o...
53  cards
WSET3-C26 - Introduction to Italy
What is the italian for pdo,
What are the two italian pdo levels,
What are the broad restrictions r...
7  cards
WSET3-C27 - Northern Italy
Describe the key geographical fea...,
What is the overall climate of no...,
What is the effect of proximity t...
135  cards
WSET3-C28 - Central Italy
Describe the topography of centra...,
Where in central italy are grapes...,
How is temperature generally mode...
67  cards
WSET3-C29 - Southern Italy
What constitutes southern italy,
Describe the climate of southern ...,
What is the principal economic ac...
46  cards
Italy (General Knowledge)
What are the latitudinal ranges i...,
What are the three mountain range...,
What are the four seas surroundin...
29  cards
Trentino - Alto Adige
When did trentino and alto adige ...,
What languages are spoken in tren...,
Where is trentino alto adige loca...
58  cards
Where is friuli located,
What is the focus of wine product...,
What is the geography of friuli h...
33  cards
Veneto COPY
Where is veneto located,
True or falseveneto is italy s la...,
What wines are veneto known for
109  cards
Northwest Italy
What is the only northwestern pro...,
What are the most planted varieti...,
What is the climate in piemonte
75  cards

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