wjec a-level chemistry

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1.1 Formulae and Equations
What is an element,
What is a compound,
What are the chemical formulas fo...
21  cards
1.2 Basic Ideas About Atoms
What is the plum pudding model,
In terms of an atomic nucleus wha...,
What is alpha decay
36  cards
1.3 Chemical Calculations
What does the term relative atomi...,
What does the term relative formu...,
What does the term relative molec...
38  cards
1.4 Bonding
What is an ionic bond,
Draw a dot and cross diagram for ...,
What is an ionic crystal
26  cards
1.5 Solid Structures
Describe the crystal structure of...,
Describe the crystal structure of...,
Name two giant covalent structure...
17  cards
1.6 The Periodic Table
How are elements arranged in the ...,
In terms of subshells how is the ...,
What does the group and period of...
52  cards
1.7 Simple Equilibria and Acid-Base Reactions
What is meant by a reversible rea...,
What is meant by dynamic equilibrium,
What is le chatelier s principle
38  cards
2.1 Thermochemistry
What is enthalpy change,
What are standard conditions,
What is an exothermic reaction
14  cards
2.2 Rates of Reaction
What is collision theory,
Define activation energy,
Describe and explain the gradient...
25  cards
2.3 Wider impact of Chemistry
What is chemical synthesis,
What does sustainable chemistry mean,
What should be considered when ch...
14  cards
2.4 - Organic Compounds
What is a homologous series,
What is a functional group,
What is a structural formula
32  cards
2.5 Hydrocarbons
What are the only products when a...,
Write a balanced chemical equatio...,
When does incomplete combustion o...
23  cards
2.6 Halogenoalkanes
What are halogenoalkanes,
What is a nucleophile,
What do the displayed structural ...
25  cards
2. 7 Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids
What is the functional group of a...,
What is the general formula for a...,
What are the conditions for the i...
27  cards
2.8 Instrumental Analysis
What analytical processes can be ...,
Briefly describe what happens dur...,
26  cards
What are the three mechanisms we ...,
What are the main functional grou...,
What are the main functional grou...
7  cards
4.1 - Stereoisomerism
What are stereoisomers,
How is stereoisomerism different ...,
Give the two main types ofstereoi...
22  cards
Topic 4.2 - Aromacity
How can the structure of benzene ...,
Describe the bonding in benzene
25  cards
4.3 - Alcohol and Phenols
What is the difference between a ...,
What type of reaction can a halog...
42  cards
Name the type of reaction alcohol...,
How can you tell whether the oxid...,
Why is immediate distillation req...
29  cards
4.5 - Carboxylic Acids
Order the relative acidities of c...,
Name the type of reaction carried...,
What is the intermediate product ...
49  cards
4.6 - Amines I WROTE
How can you tell what order amine...,
Reactants for formation of alipha...,
Conditions for
5  cards
4.6 - Amines
What is an amine,
Describe the difference between p...,
Give the structure of a quaternar...
43  cards
4.7 - Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
What is an amino acid,
Give the displayed structure of a...,
Which amino acid is the only amin...
22  cards
4.8 - Organic Synthesis and Analysis
What factors might be considered ...,
What condition is required for al...,
What different products can be pr...
50  cards
3.1 - Redox and Standard Electrode Potential
Define oxidation in terms of elec...,
Define reduction in terms of elec...,
What is a redox reaction
25  cards
3.2 - Redox Reactions
What is an oxidising agent,
What is a reducing agent,
What is a half equation
17  cards
3.3 Chemistry of the p-block
Why are they called the p block e...,
What is meant by amphoteric behav...,
Which two p block elements have a...
39  cards
3.4 Chemistry of the d-block Transition Metals
Which two elements in the d block...,
What is a transition metal,
Which two elements in the periodi...
50  cards
3.5 - Chemical Kinetics
What is meant by rate of reaction,
What is a rate equation,
What is a rate constant
22  cards
3.6 - Enthalpy Changes for Solids and Solutions
Define enthalpy of atomisation,
Define lattice enthalpy of formation,
Define lattice dissociation enthalpy
24  cards
3.7 - Entropy and Feasibility of Reactions
What is entropy,
What is the general relation betw...,
How does physical state affect en...
21  cards
3.8 - Equilibrium Constants
Define dynamic equilibrium,
State le chatelier s principle,
Explain the difference between kp...
24  cards

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