wset level 4 diploma d3

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North-East Italy
What is the common training syste...,
What is the common training syste...,
Wines submitted to a certain agei...
54  cards
France - Bordeaux
What is the latitude ranges of th...,
What are the common vine training...,
What are the france s most plante...
52  cards
France - Loire Valley
What are the principal varieties ...,
What are the climate of pays nantais,
Does melon bud and ripen early or...
30  cards
France - Burgundy
Why is chardonnay particularly we...,
What are the limestone and clay s...,
Heat the vineyard but cause pollu...
57  cards
France - Burgundy - Beaujolais
What is the climate of beaujolais,
What is the river going through i...,
What is the wind influenced in be...
21  cards
France - Alsace / Jura
What is the climate of alsace,
What is the mountain influence al...,
How much rain alsace receive a year
58  cards
France - Rhone Valley
What are the climate of northern ...,
What are the main varieties of no...,
What are the main varieties of so...
63  cards
France - South of France
What are the department of languedoc,
What is the department of roussillon,
What is the climate of languedoc
82  cards
France - South West
What are the styles of wines berg...,
What are the soils of bergerac,
What are the red varieties of ber...
32  cards
When did rheingau vineyards such ...,
When did wine industry goes into ...,
When did new wine laws are introd...
64  cards
German Regions
What is the fundamental principle...,
What are the alcohol requirements...,
What is the alcohol levels of bee...
53  cards
What is the climate of austria,
Describe the typical soil types i...,
Explain what kind of soil rieslin...
54  cards
North-West Italy
What are the top six grapes varie...,
What are the 2 mountain ranges th...,
Explain why single guyot is the m...
34  cards
Central Italy
What is the dominant black grape ...,
A prohibition on picking grapes b...,
Grand duke cosimo iii de medici d...
87  cards
Southern Italy
What geographical feature influen...,
What is the average of elevation ...,
What are the climate of campagnia
68  cards
When did phoenicians founded the ...,
Who are the famous winemakers bro...,
When was the civil war
34  cards
Northern Spain (Galicia, Castilla y Leon)
Who is the largest producer in ga...,
What is the climate of galicia,
What of production is albarino in...
44  cards
Northern Spain (Rioja, Navarra, Aragon, Catalunya)
What are the mountains in rioja,
What is the river run through rioja,
What are the 3 subzones of rioja
73  cards
Southern Spain (Valencia and Murcia)
What is the climate of valencia do,
What is the elevation of the alto...,
What is the notable variety of th...
43  cards
When did vinifera arrive in chile,
Who imported bordeaux grapes and ...,
What is the climate of chile in g...
62  cards
When was the first recorded viney...,
When did argentina declared indep...,
What are the pink varieties of ar...
71  cards
What of production california acc...,
When was gold rush,
When was prohibition
99  cards
Oregon / Washington / New York
When was the first modern vineyar...,
When did david lett first planed ...,
What was oregon wines became reco...
72  cards
When was the prohibition,
What is the general climate of ca...,
What are the moderate features in...
34  cards
Australia (South Australia & Victoria)
When was the first settlers arriv...,
Who brought cuttings of european ...,
Which region is phylloxera free
95  cards
Australia (New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania)
What is the climate of hunter val...,
What is the region of hunter vall...,
What is the famous grape of hunter
30  cards
New Zealand
What are most of new zealand s cl...,
What is the climate of central otago,
What are the latitude range of ne...
50  cards
South Africa
What is the climate of western cape,
What is the current influence wes...,
What is a south easterly wind dur...
42  cards
When was the vine first planted i...,
When was the the treaty of windsor,
When was the methuen treaty
41  cards
Grape varieties - tasting notes
What are the characteristics of f...,
What are the characteristics of r...,
What are the characteristics of r...
50  cards
Hungary / Tokaji
When was tokaji first mentioned,
When did tokaji created one of th...,
When did communism ended
11  cards

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