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Neuromuscular Jxn and Myopathy
Anterior horn cells,
Glutamate is broken into gaba
31  cards
AED half lives
22  cards
AED Mechanisms
23  cards
Genes and epilepsy
Genes and Epilepsy
41  cards
AEDs General Uses HY
General questions
52  cards
Generalized Epilepsies
Epilepsy with myoclonic astatic s...,
Childhood absence epilepsy cae py...,
Epilepsy with myoclonic absences ...
44  cards
Childhood Epilepsies
Benign childhood epilepsy with ce...,
Benign childhood epilepsy with ce...,
Benign childhood epilepsy with ce...
44  cards
Infantile Epileptic Syndromes
Febrile seizures demographics,
Febrile seizures age range of onset,
Febrile seizures semiology
165  cards
Neonatal Epileptic Syndromes
Neonatal epileptic seizures demog...,
Benign familial neonatal seizures...,
Benign neonatal seizures demography
55  cards
Progressive Myoclonic Encephalopathies
Unverricht disease unverricht lun...,
Unverricht disease unverricht lun...,
Lafora disease lafora body diseas...
14  cards
What is the cognitive outcome of ...,
Sleep apnea,
Biggest decreases in blood flow t...
12  cards
Stats & Test Construction
Type i error,
Type ii error,
Discriminant analysis
60  cards
Ideational apraxia,
Neuroanatomical correlate of idea...,
Conduction apraxia
32  cards
Neuroanatomy Tracts & Paths
Primary motor cortex receives inp...,
Path of axons from primary motor ...,
Peripheral nerve path from ventra...
86  cards
PD Pharmacotherapy
Parkinson s disease hallmark clin...,
Parkinsons disease motor complica...,
Pd neuropsychiatric sx
69  cards
Headache Pharmacotherapy
Headache disorders epidemiology,
Common chars of primary headache ...,
Common chars of primary headache ...
50  cards
Epilepsy Pharmacotherapy
Epilepsy drugs used for mechanism...,
Epilepsy drugs used for mechanism...,
Epilepsy drugs used for mechanism...
94  cards
Nerve Conduction and Electromyography
What is ncs and emg used for,
Examples of diseases that can be ...,
Examples of diseases that can be ...
35  cards
Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Alzheimers disease incidence,
Alzheimers disease early sx,
Alzheimers disease late changes
24  cards
Approach to Cognitive Dysfunction
Agnosia def,
Agraphia def,
Alexia def
39  cards
Neuropath: Infectious
Difference between lepromatous an...,
Pas positive granules,
Afb positive multiple abscesses
14  cards
Glial neoplasm with necrosis and ...,
Fried egg appearance,
Perivascular pseudorosettes
55  cards
Child Neurology HY
Anterior neuropore fusion defects,
Posterior neuropore fusion defects,
Tells notochord to become mesoderm
66  cards
Neuroimmunology Pharmacology
Daclizumab zinbryra moa,
Glatiramer acetate copaxone,
Inf b 1a avenox rebif moa
19  cards
Acute onset of dysautonomia in a ...,
Dmd protein and inheritance,
Throat tongue and ear pain with s...
66  cards
Thalamic nuclei,
Thalamic nuclei,
Thalamic nuclei
9  cards
Neuropath gross
71  cards
Neuro MKSAP/Harrison's QBank
What is postural orthostatic tach...,
What is stiff person syndrome,
Can you explain anything about ee...
69  cards
Incidence of stroke types ischaem...,
Incidence of stroke types ischaem...,
Mechanisms of ischaemic stroke
44  cards
Multiple Sclerosis
Histopathology of ms lesions,
What is the difference between pr...,
Typical sites of ms lesions
25  cards
Survival Guide
Anton syndrome,
Balint syndrome,
Claudes syndrome
116  cards
NSG Comprehensive Board Review
What are virchow robin spaces,
What ion s are increased in csf c...,
What ion s are decreased in csf c...
485  cards
HY Questions
What ion is primarily responsible...,
What is the moa of baclofen,
What causes the miniature end pla...
101  cards
Differential Diagnosis
Ddx for adult infratentorial mass,
Ddx for adult supratentorial mass,
Ddx for pediatric supratentorial ...
67  cards

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