y1: psychology: cognitive

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Cognitive Approach
What is cognitive psychology,
How did cognitive psychology arise,
What was the first method of inve...
10  cards
Memory Models: MSM (1968)
Who proposed this memory model,
What is meant by information bein...,
List the 3 main sections of msm i...
19  cards
Memory Models: WMM (1974)
Who proposed this memory model,
What are the 4 components of the wmm,
What does a dual task study involve
14  cards
Memory Models: Tulving (1972)
Define semantic memories and give...,
What is the encoding of semantic ...,
What is the retrieval of semantic...
13  cards
Memory Models: Reconstructive (1932)
Define a schema,
Give 2 examples of a schema,
Define input and processing in te...
12  cards
Classic Study: Baddeley (1966)
What was the aim of baddeleys study,
Who were used in the sample,
What type of method was used
17  cards
Contemporary Study: Sebastian & Hernandez-Gil (2012)
Define digit span,
What were the aims of this study,
Who were used in the sample in pa...
17  cards
Individual Differences in Memory
Define individual differences,
Give an example of an individual ...,
How can chunking expand the capac...
30  cards
Developmental Differences in Memory
Define developmental differences,
Give an example of a developmenta...,
Define processing speed
36  cards
Key Question
What is the key question,
What is dementia,
Why is this issue important
19  cards
Describe the background of this p...,
What was the aim of our practical,
What are the variables of our pra...
19  cards
Methodology: Types of Experiments
Describe the features of a lab ex...,
Give an example of a lab experime...,
Evaluate the generalisability of ...
18  cards
Methodology: Variables and Types of Bias
What are the 3 main types of vari...,
Define operationalisation,
Define independent variable
28  cards
Methodology: Aims and Hypotheses
Define aim,
Define hyootheses,
State the 2 main types of hypotheses
11  cards
Methodology: Participant Designs and Order Effects
Define participant design,
Define participant variables,
Give an example of participant va...
24  cards
Methodology: Stats
What are descriptive statistics,
Give an example of a descriptive ...,
What are the measures of central ...
39  cards

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