y2 mcd - haematology - laz

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Physiology of Blood Cells and Haematological Terminology
What are all blood cells ultimate...,
What two lineages can this give r...,
What cells are derived from the m...
41  cards
State the steps involved in haemo...,
What component found underneath t...,
State some important factors prod...
44  cards
Abnormalities of Homeostasis
Broadly speaking what are the two...,
What can cause thrombocytopenia,
State one very common cause of th...
32  cards
Deciding what is normal and interpreting blood counts
State some factors that affect wh...,
What is the difference between a ...,
How is a reference range determined
6  cards
Anaemia and Polycythaemia
What is anaemia,
Other than a reduction in the abs...,
Why would this type of anaemia on...
42  cards
Iron Deficiency and Anaemia of Chronic Disease
In what state is the iron in the ...,
How much iron do you need per day...,
How can iron be lost under normal...
37  cards
Abnormal White Blood Cell Count
What is the lymphoid lineage,
Which cells come under the myeloi...,
Describe how the appearance of wh...
34  cards
Blood Transfusion
How much blood and how frequently...,
What glycoprotein and fructose st...,
What are a and b antigens
48  cards
Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Deficiency
What is vitamin b12 and what type...,
How much b12 is needed every day ...,
What is vitamin b12 needed for
48  cards
The Haemoglobin Molecule and Thalassemia
What are the different types of g...,
State the three different haemogl...,
Describe how affinity of haemoglo...
38  cards
Sickle Cell Disease
The distribution of which deadly ...,
What mutation is responsible for ...,
Describe the difference in charac...
31  cards

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y2 mcd - haematology - laz

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