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1 - History and Examination
What are the top 10 cancers in th...,
What are the top 10 cancer deaths...,
What are the different performanc...
22  cards
2 - Investigation and Diagnosis
What are causes of raised afp,
What are some differentials for a...,
What are some differentials for s...
46  cards
3 - Treatment Principles
What three factors determine the ...,
What information do patients usua...,
What do the following terms mean ...
66  cards
4 - Procedural Skills
Add reasons for irradiated and cm...,
What is a bone marrow examination...,
What are some complications with ...
37  cards
5 - Breaking Bad News and Communication
Add in principles of good screening,
What framework do we use to break...,
What can you do in s of spikes
32  cards
6 - Lung
What are the 3 most common cancer...,
How common is lung cancer and wha...,
What cells do each of the subtype...
55  cards
7 - Breast
What is the epidemiology of breas...,
What are the risk factors for bre...,
What type of hrt increases the ri...
59  cards
8 - Prostate
What is the epidemiology of prost...,
What are some risk factors for pr...,
What are the two most common site...
55  cards
9 - Colorectal
What is the epidemiology of color...,
What are some risk factors for co...,
What are the locations of cancer ...
48  cards
10 - Head and Neck
Where are the different head and ...,
What are some risk factors for he...,
What are some red flags for head ...
36  cards
11 - Skin
What is lentigo maligna,
What are the risk factors for mal...,
What is the epidemiology of melanoma
69  cards
12 - Haematological 1
How do haematological malignancie...,
What is the main cause of morbidi...,
What is multiple myeloma
98  cards
13 - Haematological 2
What is leukaemia and what is the...,
Why does leukaemia lead to a panc...,
What ages do each of the types of...
82  cards
14 - Oncological Emergencies
What are some oncological emergen...,
What is the definition of neutrop...,
What are some causes of neutropenia
79  cards
15 - Pain Management
What is the definition of pain,
What is the physiology of pain,
What are the two types of primary...
53  cards
16 - Cancer Comorbidity Management
How may patients with advanced ca...,
What are some reversible causes o...,
How can intractable breathlessnes...
59  cards
17 - Palliative Care/Care of the Dying Patient
What is palliative care vs eolc,
What are the biggest causes of de...,
Why is being able to identify dea...
27  cards
18 - Haematology Principles
What will tests show if there is ...,
What are the different classifica...,
What can inherited haemolytic ana...
79  cards
19 - Blood Transfusions
If a patient is o ve what antigen...,
What are alloantibodies and why d...,
Are abo autosomal dominant or rec...
76  cards

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