year 2 pharmacology

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CV pharmacology 1 intro
What may we want to affect,
How could we affect 1 heart rate ...,
How could we affect preloadafterl...
19  cards
CV Important things
Definition preload,
Definition afterload,
What is edvv
17  cards
CV pharmacology 1 Classes of drugs
Name the vaughan williams classif...,
Aim of class 1 and location,
What effect will class 1 drugs ha...
21  cards
CV pharmacology 2 Classes of drugs
Class 1 b antidysrhythmics in pra...,
Main effect of class 1b lidocaine,
Dog presents with ventricular tac...
19  cards
CV pharmacology 3: classes of drugs
Class 4 antidysrhythmics,
What affect to class 4 antidysrhy...,
When would we use class 4 drugs
17  cards
CV pharmacology bradyarrhythmias
What is bradyarrhythmia most comm...,
Issue with treating bradyarrhythmia,
What drugs do we use to treat bra...
11  cards
L2 CV pharmacology 1
Positive inotropes,
How does preload affect contracti...,
How can we create positive inotro...
11  cards
CV ph
Talk about the different types of...
1  cards
CV phar m
0  cards
CV pharma
0  cards
CV pharma
0  cards
CV pharmacolo
0  cards
Reproductive pharmacology
A mare is brought to stud she has...,
Which of these drugs is the most ...,
Mechanism of action of gnrh agoni...
53  cards
Eye pharmacology
Ocular pharmacologyroutes of admi...,
Topical admin facts,
Systemic admin facts
27  cards
Human termssedativelow dosehigh d...,
Tranquiliserlow dosehigh dose,
18  cards
List the major classes of analges...,
What are nsaids,
What is cyclooxygenase
30  cards
Good questions
Which 3 drugs can you use to trea...,
What situations would you use eac...,
Would you use a muscarinic recept...
4  cards
Pharmacology of anti-neoplatics
What is anti neoplastic pharmacology,
When is medical therapy indicated...,
What is neoadjuvant therapy
25  cards
Ph anti neoplastics continued
List conventional antineoplastic ...,
Platinating agents moa,
Where are platinating agents excr...
22  cards
Behavioural Pharmacology
Name 4 neurotransmitters we targe...,
Moa serotonin,
Moa dopamine
29  cards
Actual Eye Pharmacology
Durgs we are dealing with in occu...,
What is glaucoma,
What is the aim of treatment with...
19  cards

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year 2 pharmacology

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