year 2 sem 4 microbiology and immunology

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Bacterial pathogens and disease - exotoxins
What is a pathogen,
What is pathogenicity,
What is virulence
18  cards
Bacterial pathogens and disease - endotoxins
What are endotoxins,
Describe the 3 parts to the endot...,
What are the characteristics of e...
8  cards
Viral pathogens - classification, biology and diseases
What are the different structures...,
What is the generic central dogma,
How do viruses use the central dogma
31  cards
What is a parasite,
What are the 3 main classes of pa...,
Describe protozoa parasites
8  cards
Pathogenesis of parasites
What is schistosomiasis,
What is onchocerciasis,
What are ticks and describe their...
6  cards
Mechanism of Viral infection and pathogenesis
How do humans not get infected by...,
What are the different general pa...,
What are inapparent infections
5  cards
Diagnosis of viral infections
Describe how electron microscopy ...,
Describe how virus isolation can ...,
Describe how antigen detection ca...
5  cards
System for detection of pathogens
What is a commensal pathogen,
What is a zoonotic pathogen,
What is a commensal opportunist
11  cards
Mechanism of antivirals
What do antibiotics treat and wha...,
What are anti viral drugs needed,
What are the principles of anti v...
13  cards
What do antiboitics treat,
What are the princples of using a...,
What is microbial antagonism
13  cards
Antibiotics resistance
What is the result of antibiotic ...,
What are the different paths to r...,
What are the different mechanisms...
10  cards
Molecular and genomic epidemiology of infections
What is,
What is the reason for molecular ...,
What are the different targets fo...
12  cards
Review of the innate system
What does the innate system do,
What are pamps,
What are prrs
16  cards
Overview of the adaptive immune system
What is the adaptive immune system,
What is the purpose of the adapti...,
How do we spot pathogens
9  cards
T cell development and generation of repertoire diversity
What is the process of haematopoi...,
How does a multipotent haemoatopo...,
What are the stages of t cell mat...
30  cards
Selection of T cell receptor repertoire and CD4/CD8 lineage commitment
Where do t cells come from,
How do t the lymphoid progentiors...,
Where are thymocytes at different...
13  cards
T cell activation and generation of effector T cells
How t cells move around the body ...,
How are naive t cells activated i...,
What cells activate naive t cells
16  cards
Humoral immunity - antibodies and the life cycle of B cells
Describe the antibody immunoglobulin,
What are the 2 forms of antibodies,
Where does the antigen binding an...
34  cards
Antibacterial responses
What are the key steps in infection,
What are the features of immunity...,
What is the first line of defence...
12  cards
Microbial immune evasion mechanism
What is balanced pathogenictiy,
What are bacterial virulence factors,
What aspect of immunity have path...
11  cards
Natural born killers - NK cells and CD8+ T lymphocytes
What are cytotoxic lymphocytes,
Why do we need more than 1 type o...,
What are cytotoxic t cells
12  cards
Hypersensitivity reactions (asthma and allergy)
What is type 1 hypersentitivity r...,
What is the wheel and flare reaction,
What is type 2 cytotoxic hypersen...
19  cards
Transplantation and immunosuppressive drugs
What is transplantation,
What are the different donor reci...,
How are immune responses to trans...
18  cards
What are some examples of autoimm...,
What is autoimmunity,
What is central tolerance
8  cards
What are immunodeficines,
What are primary congential immun...,
What are secondary immunodeficines
6  cards
Immunotherapy of cancer
What properties do cancer cells h...,
How is immunodeficiency and cance...,
What are the body s way of defend...
17  cards
Scientific basis of vaccines
What is herd immunity memory boos...,
What do parenteral vaccines lead to,
What does monotypic mean
13  cards
Vaccines: bacterial and viral
What is dtp vaccine what type of ...,
Why is boosting required for heb ...,
What vaccines do you get at 8 weeks
21  cards
Immunology in the clinic and research lab
What are anti isotypic antibodies,
What are immunoassays,
What is direct elisa
11  cards

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year 2 sem 4 microbiology and immunology

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