year 3 manchester medicine

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1 - Chest pain
What conditions are included in a...,
Sudden onset of chest pain indicates,
Feeling of severe ripping indicates
68  cards
Block 1 - vascular surgery + (general surgery)
What is ankle brachial pressure i...,
What abpi indicates critical leg ...,
What abpi is normal
35  cards
System examination
Tendon xanthomata,
Osler nodes and laneway lesions,
Finger clubbing
35  cards
2 - Asthma
What are normal breath sounds called,
Describe bronchial breath sounds,
What types of crackles are there
45  cards
3 - Liver, biliary and pancreatic disease
Features of jaundice,
What is biliary colic pain,
What risk factors are there for l...
21  cards
4 - Headaches
Red flags for headache,
Symptoms of a head ache associate...,
Head ache associated with reasied...
25  cards
5 - Diabetes
What is a se of sulfonylureas,
What is the contraindication for ...,
Which needs to be tested before s...
42  cards
6 - Clotting disorders
What is the extrinsic pathway,
What is the intrinsic pathway,
How does warfarin work
38  cards
General questions
4 h and 4 ts for cardiac arrest,
What causes hyperkalemia,
What causes hypokalemia
15  cards
Ruthven Essential Examination
6 factors for cause of af,
Causes of a apex heave,
Cause of mitral regurgitation
9  cards
Focused history taking for OSCEs
What to ask in the hpc of a chest...,
What associated features of in a ...,
What to ask in the pmh of a chest...
13  cards
7 - Thyroid disease
What to incude in a history of th...,
What are the symptoms of hyperthy...,
What disease is thyroid eye disea...
22  cards
8 - Hypertension
How to di,
What is a hypertensive crisis,
What is hypertensive emergency
36  cards
Block 2 - Cardiology
Symptoms of left sided heart failure,
Symptoms of right sided heart fai...,
What are the side effects of acei
37  cards
9 - Congestive Cardiac Failure
What is heart failure,
Symptoms of heart failure,
What doe a c x v y represent in t...
38  cards
10 - COPD
What are the charatereistics of copd,
Triad of copd,
Typical presentation with copd
61  cards
11 - Anaemia
What is aneamia,
General signs of anaemia,
What does mcv indicate
47  cards
Differentials fun
Differentials for chest pain,
Chest pain mi,
Chest pain angina
33  cards
12 - Pneumonia
Symptoms and signs of pneumonia,
What is curb 65 used for,
Assessing severity of cap
49  cards
13 - AKI
Ecg qrs 012 no disernable waves p...,
Ecgprolonged pr prominant u waves,
What is salford used for
40  cards
Block 3 - DMOP
Cam confusion,
What is chvostek s sign
24  cards
15 - chronic abdominal pain
Welcome to week 14,
What is the rome criteria,
Symptoms of ibs
46  cards
16 - obesity and Cushing's syndrome
What is bmi,
What is overweight in bmi,
What is obesity
26  cards
17 - lung cancer
What is the most common,
What is hypertrophuc oestoarthrop...,
What is the acronym spike used for
29  cards
18 - AAA
What is an aneurysm,
What is a true aneurysm,
What is a false pseudo aneurysm
33  cards
Block 4 - Acute/ED
What does a low ferratin in the c...,
Name types of a microcytic anaemia,
What to offer at the end of a car...
4  cards
19 - upper GI pathology
What is dysphagia,
What causes early dysphagia,
Occulsion causes of dysphagia
64  cards
20 - haematological malignancies
Causes of lymphadenopathy inflamm...,
Features of lymphadenopathy malig...,
What lymphadenopathy is present d...
17  cards
21 - bowel cancer
Diffential for bleed rectum or an...,
What are the features of a colostomy,
What are the features of a ileuos...
23  cards
Block 5 - repiratory/ transplant
How is trigeminal neuralgia treated,
What are the first line treatment...,
What classification is there for ...
22  cards
22 - chronic kidney disease
What types of renal replacement t...,
What causes proteinuria,
What is the biggest to effect aff...
51  cards
OSCE procedures
How would you explain a colonoscopy,
What preperation needs to be done...
15  cards
23 - Glomeruronephritis and PCKD
How much protein in noramlly excr...,
How much albumin in normally excr...,
What causes an increased specific...
18  cards
SSCP - Endocrinology
Patient with lung cancer treated ...,
How is adrenal insufficiency test...,
Women presents with galactorrhea ...
23  cards

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