year 5: histopathology

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Histo: Fundamentals of Histology
Describe the appearane of neutrop...,
In what states might you seen an ...,
Describe the appearance of eosino...
28  cards
Histo: Liver
What is the average weight of a l...,
Describe the blood supply to the ...,
List the main cell types of the l...
43  cards
Histo: Skin Pathology
How thick is a normal epidermis d...,
What types of fibres are found in...,
What structures are found within ...
53  cards
Histo: Lung Pathology
What type of epithelium lines the...,
Which types of cells line the alv...,
What is pulmonary oedema
61  cards
Histo: Breast pathology
What are the three components of ...,
Outline the coding used by cytopa...,
What is the gold standard for dia...
64  cards
Histo: Systemic Disease
What can jcv infection in hiv pos...,
What is the most common opportuni...,
Which herpes virus causes kaposi ...
15  cards
Histo: Lower GI Disease
General effects of pathology on b...,
List some congenital disorders of...,
What is atresia
65  cards
Histo: Diseases of the Pancreas and Gallbladder
What are the main components of t...,
What is the endocrine component o...,
Define acute pancreatitis
55  cards
Histo: Upper GI Disease
What is a key histological featur...,
What is the z line,
What does the body and fundus of ...
52  cards
Histo: Neuro-Oncology
How much more common are secondar...,
Describe the radiological classif...,
List the different cell types wit...
43  cards
Histo: Cerebrovascular disease and Trauma
What are the two types of cerebra...,
Which water transporting molecule...,
What radiological appearance is c...
51  cards
Histo: Neurodegeneration
What are prion diseases,
List some examples of prion diseases,
Describe the histological appeara...
31  cards
Histo: Vascular and Cardiac Pathology
What is atherosclerosis,
List some risk factors for athero...,
Outline the pathogenesis of ather...
43  cards
Histo: Gynaecological pathology
List some gynaecological infectio...,
List some gynaecological infectio...,
What is the term used to describe...
68  cards
Histo: Endocrine disease
What types of cell are the anteri...,
What is the blood supply to the a...,
Where do the nerves that make up ...
61  cards
Histo: Connective tissue disease, amyloid, sarcoid, Immune related multisystem disorders
Give an example of an autoimmune ...,
What are the main features of sle,
What units are used for ana levels
61  cards
Histo: Bone Pathology
What are the main functions of bone,
Outline the composition of bone,
In which part of a bone is the gr...
80  cards
Histo: Neoplastic Bone Disease
Which part of the body is most co...,
Outline some presenting features ...,
How are bone tumours diagnosed
39  cards
Histo: Urology
What are urinary calculi,
What is the epidemiology of urina...,
List the three main types of urin...
66  cards
Histo: Renal Disease
List the major functions,
List some key anatomical features...,
What proportion of cardiac output...
75  cards

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year 5: histopathology

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