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Hpothyroidism definition,
Aetiology of primary hypothyroidism,
Secondary causes of hypothyroidism
14  cards
adrenal insufficiency
Definition of adrenal insufficiency,
Aetiology of adrenal insufficiency,
Epidemiology of adrenal insuffici...
14  cards
hypogonadism female
Definition of hypogonadism f,
Aetiology of hypogonadism f,
Epidemiology of hypogonadism f
16  cards
Hypogonadism male
Definition of hypogonadism m,
Aetiology of primary hypogonadism...,
Aetiology of secondary hypogonado...
13  cards
Definition of hypopituitarism,
Aetiology of panhypopituitarism,
What is pituitary apop
24  cards
multiple endocrine neoplasia
Definition of men,
Epidemiology of men,
Signs and symptoms of men1
13  cards
Definition of obesity,
Epidemiology of obesity,
Risks of obesity
12  cards
Definition of osteomalacia,
Definition of rickets,
2 mechanisms of aetiology of oste...
19  cards
Definition of osteoporosis,
Aetiology of osteoporosis,
Rf for osteoporosis
16  cards
Paget's disease of bone
Definition of pagets disease of bone,
Cause of pagets disease of bone,
12  cards
primary hyperaldosteronism
Definition of primary hyperaldost...,
Aetiology of primary hyperaldoste...,
Pathophysiology of primary hypera...
18  cards
Definition of prolactinoma,
Epidemiology of prolactinoma,
Aetiology of prolactinomas
14  cards
Definition of siadh,
Aetiology of siadh,
Epidemiology of saidh
11  cards
thyroid cancer
Definition of thyroid cancer,
Aetiology of thyroid cancer,
Rf for thyroid cancer
12  cards
Thyroid nodules
Definition of thyroid nodules,
Epidemiology of thyroid nodules,
Types of thyroid nodule
17  cards
subacute thyroiditis
Definition of subacute thyroiditis,
Epidemiology of subacute thyroiditis,
Aetiology of subacute thyroiditis
13  cards
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Epidemiology of hashimotos thyroi...,
Pathophysiology of hashimotos thy...,
Associations with hashimotos thyr...
8  cards
carcinoid syndrome
Definition of carcinoid syndrome,
Aetiology fo carcinoid syndrome,
Epidemiology of carcinoid syndrome
9  cards
cushing's syndrome
Definition of cushings syndrome,
Aetiology of cushings syndrome,
Acth dependant cushings syndrome
26  cards
diabetes insipidus
Definition of di,
Aetiology of di,
Causes of central cranial di
21  cards
Definition of hyperparathyroidism,
Aetiology of primary hyperparathy...,
Aetiology of secondary hyperparat...
27  cards
Definition opf t1dm,
Aetiology of t1dm,
Secondary dm
28  cards
Definition of t2dm,
What is metabolic syndrome,
Mx of metabolic syndrome
56  cards
Definition of hypoglycaemia,
Complications of hypoglycaemia,
Sx of hypoglycaemia
8  cards
Def pcos,
Aetiology pcos,
Epi pcos
9  cards
pit tumour non-functioning
Def pit tumour,
Rf pit tumour,
Aetiology pit tumour
9  cards
Def phaeo,
Aetiology phaeo,
Epi phaeo
9  cards
Def grave s,
Aetiology grave s,
Grave s triggers
13  cards
Def acromegaly,
Aetiology acromegaly,
Epi acromegaly
12  cards

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